Deeper Than Blood

Name: Deeper Than Blood

Location: Reno, Nevada

Active since: January 2008

Special Move: Breakdowns

Who is who in the band?
Stephen Watson:Vocals, Jordan Murikrami:vocals, Ryan Baden:Guitar, Joe Weaver:Bass, Jake Martin:drums

How did it start?
Me(Jake), Ryan, and Stephen wanted to start just a regular Hardcore Band, but once we started writing our first song(Blood Oath) we realized we were best at writing Beatdown, then from then on all we write is Beatdown.

What’s your main goal with the band?
To get the message across to people to never ever let anybody walk all over them, this music is for the little fish in the pond to fight back and fuck up anybody that doesn't believe in them.

You guys seem to play a lot of gigs. What was your best and worst show so far?
Our Most fun shows are at small venues with no stages, the energy is way better. Our worst would have to be when we played at this huge venue with a bunch of lights and stuff, it might of looked cool, but it was not that much fun at all.

Do you feel like Nevada is playing their part in hardcore right now?
Yes Nevada is playing more than there part, the Reno Scene is like a big family, we would kill for one another.

Best gangster movie of all time?
Blood In Blood Out haha!

East Coast vs. West Coast?
West Coast Hardcore is where it’s at!

Positive vs. negative hardcore?
We do like posi hardcore but we would prefer Negative Hardcore because the message in Negative Hardcore Gets to you in a stronger and more intense way.

Any last comments?
Thank you so much for this interview! Hopefully we will see all of you one day playing in your city!