Last Hope - Test Of Time

Last Hope - Test Of Time
Swell Creek/Superhero, 2008

If I had to choose my ten favorite European bands doing the NYHC thing, there’s a big chance it would have to include Last Hope on my list. I love the type of hardcore they play! It’s heavy but they never stray into metal territory. Instead, they keep it fast and aggressive all the time with nice grooves and good song writing.

When it comes to hardcore, for me it’s the feeling that counts. I don’t care if hardcore as a genre is less complex than death metal, jazz or whatever. I love this type of music and it gives me an adrenaline rush every time I hear it. And that’s the deal with Last Hope – they know how to handle their instruments, they know how to write good songs, the production is great, but the most important thing is that these songs really get me moving. I’ve heard about these guys before but not until seeing their video for Under The Flag had the chance to hear their music. Songs on Test Of Time are mainly fast paced, but they like to throw in some slower parts to keep things interesting. They definitely stick to the NYHC vibe in vein of bands like Breakdown or No Turning Back. I can see Test Of Time being a title perfect for everybody who likes it when hardcore bands get heavy but still stick to the rules of the genre. No clean vocals, no Swedish riffs, no death metal influences, just pure hardcore that will make you think of your favorite NYHC acts. I hope they will break through to the wider recognition!

Last Hope
Superhero Records