Pray The Martyr

Name: Pray the Martyr

Location: Arkhangelsk, Russian Federation

Active since: March 2007

Special Move: Our music is heavy mosh-machine from Russian North, but we are trying to write songs which are not alike with other simply brutal bands. We understand that issued material is not masterpiece without analogues, but we are trying to develop ourselves and to include some specific moments, maybe not usual for brutal hardcore music, in some other songs. We try to be "brutal guys with brains". Of course, now we're just forming our style cuz we are too young and ugly, but we love music, we love hardcore, and it always was our dream to be a music band. Besides, we write texts not about “glory and pride”, but about human inner world, his actual problems, trying to make our lyrics as poetical as possible. Brutal, but poetical.

Stuff recorded so far: We recorded 4 songs for EP and 3 songs more. Now we are going to re-record our stuff for better quality and to record some songs more to have LP. May be, it will be worth issuing it abroad, who knows) We issued our EP ourselves just to let people know about us. We want better sound, first of all.

Dream City – what does this title mean to you?
Every person, who lives in big city or a small town, knows that there are a lot of problems on the streets, criminal elements, etc. And, of course, you stay face to face with ignorance of people. Of course, the title of song is allegorical. Somebody fights for his living area, despite the fact that there's no war. Why? Cuz it was always. For no reason. Us and them, their region of town and ours, for example. Evil causes evil.

What bands did have the biggest influence on your sound?
Hatebreed, Remembering Never, Born From Pain, Crowbar, Buried Alive, Nora. Also we listen to great amount of bands, you know.

Why did you went through so many line up changes?
These are the problems of a small town like Arkhangelsk, bro. No equipped musicians, very small amount of people interested in such kind of music. Curiosity borns desire, and in small towns there's lack of curiosity, you know.

Is it hard to find people to play in Arkhangelsk?
It's very hard. No good drummers, may be 3 or 4, and they play in 3 or 4 bands each, for example.

How is hardcore scene in your area and in Russia in general?
In Arkhangelsk region hardcore scene includes 5 or 6 bands. Street-punk mostly, one band plays d-beat/discore (called Trotyl Equivalent Dissonance). We are the only metallised hardcore band in Arkhangelsk. Punk-hardcore audience in our region consists mostly of drunk punk-rock kids, you know) But also we have educated guys, they know what hardcore is, how to do things. We have some sXe and vegans, also.
In Russia, to my mind, we have no REAL hardcore family, that's bad. Despite the fact that almost everybody talks about “unity”, “we are together” etc. In Russia, we have excellent relations between musicians from different bands, but hardcore kids and “forum-speakers” have very strange attitude to the scene. Strange borders between people. “You are not sXe – I won't listen your music even if it is brilliant”, “I'm true hardcore kid – you are not”, “You are smoking – go to hell”, “You play in sXe-vegan band – I will write on forums that you like meat”, etc. But, I suppose, it's a usual situation for the whole world. People like to talk. No real support of Russian bands in big cities. Our fans choose bands from abroad, you know. Of course, bands have their support. But lots of hardcore people try to create specific way of behavior for everybody, who's trying to enter “the family”, I think. It's silly. Loud phrases, nothing more. We are not military organization. You may be not vegan or smth, but you are a MAN, you're trying to do good things, not to hurt weak person, change the world to something good. You will always help the weak, you will always help your friend. You can change something in yourself. It's hardcore. Don't judge people, do something. Stop “scene police”!

What’s the biggest problem Russian hardcore scene is facing now?
No real support of Russian bands in big cities. Scene police on forums. Too much speaking, doing nothing at the same time.

How does typical Russian hardcore show look like?
So, there are enthusiastic kids on show, singing songs of their favorite bands, dancing mosh, etc. And, of course, a lot of skeptical people on shows, trying to compare what is happening NOW with their idea of HOW IT SHOULD BE. But, as it was said, hardcore show looks like this all over the world, I think

Old school vs. new school?
Both have something that musician can use. It's music, it's word, it's your soul. But, of course, technically, new-school is closer to us. If you only want to play 2 accords, and your band is created only to spread ideas in texts – write books, stop playing. Your music must be listenable.

Metal vs. punk rock?
Both. Metal has aggression, emotions. Punk has atmosphere, it is our childhood).
Why people should listen to Pray The Martyr and Russian bands in general?
Sometimes we have terrible conditions of creating music, but we like what we do and we wanna do it again and again!)