Pre-order of the Pulling Teeth new album has started

Pulling Teeth "Bloodwolves" MP3 up now on Deathwish website. Pre-order of the new album has started. The first 300 Pre-orders will receive a copy of Pulling Teeth's "Witches Sabbath 05" 7"EP for FREE. The only way to get this 7"EP is through this Pre-order, so be sure to order now to better your chances of getting this rare 7"EP...

"Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions" is the latest work from Baltimore hardcore mainstays, Pulling Teeth. Painstakingly recorded and engineered by Chris Camden at Ultrasound over a three month period, "Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions" is a conceptual piece of immense artistic depth and darkness.

Songs like the bruising "Unsatisfied" dig deep to reveal monstrous dirges that rival any doom metal artist. While the Slayer influenced "Bloodwolves" is as volatile and infectious as a song can be. Though the aforementioned songs are truly brilliant works, it is Pulling Teeth's new found mastery of emotional ebb and flow which shines as their real strength. This awe inducing quality is revealed in the stunning two title tracks, "Paranoid Delusions | Paradise Illusions". Collectively both songs are a monumental achievement of soulful guitar work, Moog driven textures, and insightful prose. A near perfect example of how a band can evolve without abandoning the heart and raw energy that defines the "hardcore/punk" genre at its very core.

The "Witches Sabbath" 7"EP series by Pulling Teeth features musical tributes/renditions of the bands which have influenced Pulling Teeth since their inception. The musical content of each 7"EP in the series remains secret and unlisted on the minimal packaging of each release. The only way to find out what song(s) are on your 7"EP is by experiencing it for yourself.