Rebel Troops

Name: Rebel Troops :Mez(throat) Chris(guitar) Kane(drums) Sid(bass) Jonny(guitar)

Location: Boston (uk!)

Active since: Started with me(Chris)and Kane(drums) jammin Jan 08,first gig was July 08 so we are the new boys on the scene!

Special Move: Being able to play it fast but able to maintain the heavy as fuck side and keepin the sound and style apart from other bands,i write riffs i want to hear not what i think other people wana hear.

Stuff recorded so far: Just done a four track demo so check it out, gonna record another four songs in the next few months to make an 8track album.

What’s up with the name, Rebel Troops? What are you rebelling against?
Really liked the sound of it, esp when you hear on news reports how armys and so on have been blasted or shot at by rebel troops!I suppose we're rebellin against allsorts,esp the people walking around this shitty little town thinkin they are gangsta's,or the bands that just rip off other bands, also those preachy fuckers who give it the 'im more punk than you' even tho they are wearing the same bondage trousers& leather jackets that started back in the 70's.Even tho they're 16 or 17 purposly dressing down even tho mummy and daddy got more money than sense, Back then it was differant to dress like that, today its just a uniform just like the chavs and thier burberry,haha.That was the basis for the punks dead your next song:They're just the fashion now but think they're so different.Fuck em!aint got nothing against punks,used to have a mohawk myself,the day i chopped it off i got called a sell out!

Your first MCD just came out. Why did you choose to release it DIY?
No one else would have us! haha. Me mates band got signed and fucked about abit so it seemed the right thing to do.Skel said he was guna do Cold Hard Truths, we had just recorded demo so did it,Cold Hard Truth got thier 6 track demo on digi pack so buy the fucker!(£5 or 7.50euro) Ours is just a no frills basic 4 track hence the price £2(INC P+P)
3euros(INC P+P),but the songs are fuckin ace! Like I said, we should have a 8 track snazzy digi by the summer so its just a taster.

What is I Want Out Crew?
The I Want Out Crew is a crew... ...wanting out. People are tribal by nature Like any other local scene in Hardcore, we are just a group of mates who want to promote each others bands and put on gigs locally and give each other lifts to gigs out of town. Boston has always had a vibrant punk and hardcore scene and a long legacy of putting on touring bands from all over the world. We dont wanna take anything away from the people who have put on gigs in Boston over the years, they brought some wicked bands here, put them up and fed them, we just thought that there was a bit of a void for the style of hardcore we like, so we sought to fill it. Most of us have been involved in Hardcore and played in bands for a long time, so the I Want Out Crew evolved naturally as a focus for our creative energies, and means to support each other, not just with Hardcore. We see other bands and labels in the UK made up of network of freinds doing the same and forging ahead, and we know that we had enough experience to do the same. "I Want Out" can have a different meaning to each individual, the Daily 9 to 5 grind, breaking out of your surroundings, expectations of your peers, or the shit music bombardment over TV and Radio. It's not exclusive. It also about having a laugh and making an impact. Community, Camaraderie & Choas. (And tailor made footwear) I.W.O.C. Keep an eye on I.W.O Records.

What are the others bands in the crew?
Only Rebel Troops & Cold Hard Truth and affiliation with EHC & Coach Calhoun, honourary brothers! Check them out too!The more the merrier tho. so check out the I Want Out Crew site! www. myspace. com/iwantoutcrew

Craziest shit that happened when you played a gig?
We aint played too many gigs yet,So Promotors get your fingers out of your arseholes! One gig we didnt get chance to play because our bassist got slapped around by the other band! haha! Wont go into that one! One gig we graffiti'd up the back wall of the stage with a IWOC logo, just before we played I want out, stunk the place out to fuck.Best one was the last one we played with CHT and Coach Calhoun, propper crew related fun,just how gigs should be.

What’s your opinion on hardcore bands getting big, signing to major labels etc?
Must always feel good to be a hardcore band playing on a big festival stage to thousands and having constant gigs and tours, would make you feel all your efforts&hard work have been rewarded, although i still think hardcore is one of the most underground scenes going and playing to a huge crowd could never be as much fun as playin a gig stood on the same floor as the crowd getting bashed around while your trying to play your guitar.Those smaller intimate gigs always the best.

The best and the worst in 2008 when it comes to hardcore?
Best: The I.W.O.C supergroup PIT MANEUVER.
Worst: Bands who know promoters getting all the gigs as support, even when they are not in common with the main act.

The best war flick ever is…
Too many so ive edited my own..take the training part of 'full metal jacket' followed by the first twenty mins of ' saving private ryan' centre parts of 'appocalypse now'. I call it 'Full private appocalypse!'