„Respect through Fear“ Tour with Unit 731 (USA) & Fallbrawl (Ger)

PERIOD: First 2 Weeks of May

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UNIT 731 (USA)
UNIT 731 formed in late 2005 by friends in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The band's beatdown hardcore sound stays true to the PA hardcore legends they grew up listening to, such as Built Upon Frustration and No Retreat. Other influences like Sworn Vengeance, All Out War, and Merauder have helped the band form a unique identity. The release of the 2006 Demo sparked interest from all over the world, especially Europe. In December 2007 Germany's Filled With Hate Records released UNIT 731's debut full length "A Plague Upon Humanity". The band has maintained solid core members for their entire existence and continues to carve their own niche in heavy hardcore, both lyrically and musically.


Fallbrawl came to life in 2005 and pretty fast made sure that they were not just another 'we'll be around for a few months'-cliché band. Shows came in pretty fast and the name became known, spawning both lovers and haters in the scene. After countless shows and even more lineup changes (at least it feels like this) Fallbrawl finally found their first real solid lineup in late 2007 with Paddey and Stefan on Guitar, Peer on Drums, Holzi on Bass and Dave on Vocals and then wasted no time. The outcome is called "Cold World".
A nine song monster of modern beatdown-influenced hardcore that takes no prisoners. they manage to mix different styles in a non-boring way, filled with massive gangvocals and bonecracking breakdowns and moshparts. Berlin-based label WARCITY RECORDS handled the european release in June 2008 while ON THE ATTACK RECORDS took care of the American release (which young hardcoreband nowadays does achieve that with their first record?) In celebration of the US-Release, the band went over the pond to play 5 Eastcoast shows with bands like Wisdom in Chains, Hoods, Full Blown Chaos, Homicidal and others and drank about 5000 gallons of beer in ten days.
After another reacent lineup change fallbrawl is joined by long-time friend Andree (also in germany's Circle of Death) on Vocals and are now teaming up with Pennsylvanias UNIT 731 (Filled with hate Records) for a two week European Tour in May.