Boss Fight


Location: Southwest Connecticut

Active since: 2006

Special Move: Fast, slow, hard, and heavy hitting. All different types of hardcore with our own unique concrete sound.

Stuff recorded so far: Rough ass basement songs and 3 song demo recorded by Andy @ Little Foot Productions in Rockaway, NY. Check him out, his shit is legit. www. myspace. com/littlefootproductions.

What is your main inspiration for writing?
Anyone that digs our shit and watches, throws down, sings along, and pays attention to us and our effort to write music. Not to sound so cliché, but friends and family are a huge inspiration.

What sort of lyrics can people find in your music?
Real life issues that everyone deals with. Whether it is struggle, challenge, losing someone you're close to, being broke as shit, smashing someones face in, or whatever life brings to us, and getting through it. That is how we express our music.

What is the least rewarding aspects of being in hardcore band?
The people who dont support and appreciate what we have. Oh, and lack of attendance at shows if a biq band isn't playing.

What's hardcore to you? What does it mean to you personally?
Hardcore is sharing something that you have in common with so many others. Getting together and playing music, singing along, punching your friends in the head. It's also a release of all the stress that you endure in your real life.

Worst movie ever made?
Jason X. The only cool thing about that movie was when the naked chicks were in the sleeping bags and Jason slammed them against a tree. Other than that, that shit sucked.

Where's the best place to hang out in Connecticut? Why?
This is a really hard question. Two-Four Variety in Norwalk. vanilla dutches, beer, doritos, and friendly service. Other than that, its connecticut... aka it sucks for chillin.

What can we look forward to, what’s next for Boss Fight?
A lot more songs, a lot more shows, a lot more merch, a lot more friends, a lot more fun, and a lot more bloody noses. As for the actual next thing coming, 7 song BOSS FIGHT ep coming in summer 2009.

Boss Fight @ myspace