Caught In A Trap - Rats Get Fat

Caught In A Trap - Rats Get Fat
No Joke Records, 2007

Do my ears deceive me, or is Caught In A Trap one of the best NYHC bands I’ve heard lately. Rats Get Fat is no holds barred hardcore played with total respect to the roots of the genre. They will take you back when it was ok to play it fast and furious and bands didn’t have to pack their songs with tons of breakdowns.

The songs are simple but catchy and they borrow a lot of elements from crossover and punk rock. Even at its most ‘heard it before’ moments, Rats Get Fat consistently keeps your interest. The production is raw but it has never been an issue in hardcore and fits the music perfectly. Lyrically, it’s a combination of anger, down to life themes and personal issues. Definitely stuff you can relate to. Packed with sincerity and intensity, Rats Get Fat is a strong entry in the genre and I can’t wait to hear more from this band!

Caught In A Trap
No Joke Records