Dan Koloff

Name: Dan Koloff, Sofia , Bulgaria
We've been playing since march 2007, but our first live show was December 2008. We faced a lot of difficulties finding the right guys for the right music.

Special Move: We try to combine really slow parts with faster ones, melodic riffs with heavy ones, I think that if you listen to 'bez kapka korist' you would recognize our style and our special move,in this song we managed ot separete our style from the influence of our favourite bands.

Stuff recorded so far: We had recorded 3 songs, written in Bulgarian. We recorded them mostly in Wardrobe Records – this is our guitarist’s, Bobi, studio in his apartment in the living room! The third song has guest vocals – Simona from Let Them Die and Ivelin from Shoot 2 Kill.

How did you guys get together and who is who in the band?
The band started with Billy (vox) and Itzo (guitar). We wanted to make a band that contains something special, not only simple plain beatdown or just hardcore or something. A lot of people played with us, until we found the right ones – Vladi on the drums, Bobi – also guitar and the last member that joined Dan Koloff – Dani on the bass.

What was the reason to start a band?
One day me and my friend Simona were talking about how cool it’s going to be if we sing in one band. The idea failed but I continued with Itzo and the guys and the result is Dan Koloff

Why beatdown?
Beatdown is something that we (Billy and Itzo) both like. For Bulgaria this is some kind of a new style, I mean there are 2-3 beatdown bands here and they are our own friends. I really like this music and I think this is what I want to do. We have some confrontations with our oldschool drummer but he is listening to us at least for now!

How did it happen that you got a girl doing vocals? It’s pretty unusual for a beatdown hardcore band, even thought works great for you!
Billy: I was first in a band, called Santeria. We were two female vox there, but I preferred to make heavier music, I wanted to make beatdown. So I offered Itzo to start a new band (he was the new guitarist of Santeria then). So we tried to make a few rehearsals with different people, but we had no luck util one day a friend of mine told me he knows a guy that plays on the drums very well, so I called him and he agreed to try working with us. This was Vladi We had already recorded our songs with our previous drummer, Alexander, in Wardrobe records. Bobi mastered the music and liked it - that’s how we got one more guitarist. The last one was Dani – we were desperate that there are no bass players left in Sofia that we hadn’t tried, but luckily we were wrong

Is Dan Koloff, the king of wrestling, like a role model for you?
We were just jocking about the name of the band We like bands like Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren, so Dan Koloff is the Bulgarian version of a hero

What are your personal faves when it comes to Bulgarian and worldwide hardcore scene?
From Bulgaria we like our guys ADIM, of course our friends Redound, Melekh, Let Them Die, Shoot 2 Kill, Another Day,Bfdm, Omerta and Hidden (rip)…The bands from the worldwide scene –Shattered Realm, Embraced by Hatred, Lose None, CDC ,All Out War, Kickback, Despised Icon, Merauder,Chimaira,Madball, Sworn Enemy, Biohazard, Cold as Life.

What are the plans for the future for Dan Koloff?
For now we want to make a mini tour around Bulgaria and after that maybe record a demo, but it’s too early to say.

Dan Koloff @ myspace