Down To Concrete

Name: Down To Concrete

Location: Bydgoszcz, Poland

Active since: November 2007, our first show was at 15th August 2008 in Zlotów in Poland with Lionheart and 1125

Special Move: Our music is our style and look at beatdown hardcore, you know, breakdowns, 2-steps and typical fast hardcore parts. Also we put much metal things in our music.

Stuff recorded so far?
We recorded 6songs DEMO EP in Dream Factory studio in Bydgoszcz, but now we’re working and writting new shit for our first album which will be released by Spook Records in about January 2010!

What was the response for the demo so far?
Quite good! People says “fucking awesome sound”, “I can't recall when I heard such good shit”.

For you, are the lyrics as important as the music?
Yes of course! The lyrics are one of the most important things! As you know, hardcore is more than music!

Describe a typical Down To Concrete show.
Pissed of guys on the stage, mosh and sing alongs at Bulldoze cover “The Truth”!

What interesting is happening in the Polish hardcore scene now?
A lot of new bands are starting and this is so fucking great for everyone! Hardcore in Poland is still alive!

What’s playing on your stereo the most at the moment?
Champion!!! And also Trapped Under Ice and Integrity.

Worst movie ever made?
At our last show with pure metal bands...and fans hahaha!

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