Location: luneville, france

Active since: october 2007

Special Move: It's very difficult to put us in only one category, our influences are varied, between hardcore and metal.

Stuff recorded so far: We recorded our first self-produced demo with 5 songs in february 2008. This demo is not available yet but 3 songs can be downloaded for free on our MySpace (www. myspace. com/durdenhxc).

Who plays what in the band and how did you all get together?
Our band is made up of 6 members, Max and Rage as singers, Dim and Kmol on the guitar, Ducky on the bass and Ben on the drums. We all played in the same local but in different bands and decided to create Durden.

Which other bands, if any, have inspired you?
We have different influences : hatesphere, sworn enemy, born from pain, hatebreed, madball, carnifex, despised icon...

Why did you call it Durden?
We have chosen the name Durden because of the psychology of the main character (Tyler Durden) of the movie Fight Club. This character has always fascinated us.

Typical Durden show?
A complicity between all the members that can be felt by the public, and a lot of energy.

What’s hot in French hardcore right now?
There are a lot of good bands in France, the public shows a lot of interest for this kind of music and there are many concerts.

Old school vs. new school?
We think that, without “old school”, we could not speak about “new school”. We listen both of them.

OK, I'm going to tie this up shortly so what do you guys have planned for 2009 year?
For the year 2009, we have planned a lot of concerts and to release a new demo.

Durden at Myspace