Onesta - We Got Game

Onesta - We Got Game
Goodlife 2008

It’s really hard not to notice the amount of good bands here in Europe that pick up the torch that was ignited by those like Agnostic Front or Breakdown. With the latest successful releases by No Turning Back, 1125, Grankapo or Last Hope, the competition is high and you gotta step up with something special to get noticed. With their first release for Goodlife, Onesta proves they got what it takes.

The band enters the game with a certain freshness and vitality in their sound that make for a really tight record. Onesta are definitely NYHC style and they have much In common with bands like No Turning Back or Madball. The level of song writing and musicianship is good and they deliver some really nice sounding hooks. This is in the finest traditions of the genre and even thought there’s nothing particularly new here that you haven’t heard before, it’s still very enjoyable. Originality is not what I look for in hardcore anyway. They constantly keep the energy level up and that’s what does it for me. The band packs a huge punch of aggression with fat guitar licks and a slamming rhythm section. Even thought the style they play originated in NYC, Onesta remind me mostly of an European band No Turning Back in a way they put the focus on the flow and grooves of the songs instead of just trying to sound hard or heavy. Each track just shoots through the speakers with aggressiveness and energy. The production is a perfect blend between clear sound and the rough edge. If you’re NYHC fan, then you are gonna have a blast with this release.

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