Revelation Records produces anniversary compilation, shoes

To celebrate their 150th release, hardcore stalwarts Revelation Records have produced a new compilation and special Adidas shoes styled to match the labels colour scheme and logos. The compilation features covers of classic Revelation acts by modern bands and includes performances by Sick of It All, Terror, Ignite, Death By Stereo, Set Your Goals, Ambitions, Down To Nothing, Capital, The Scare, Mikoto, This is Hell, covering bands like Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Bold, Shai Hulud, Texas is the Reason and more. The shoes are (currently only) for participants on the compilation and Revelation staff.

1. Sick of It All - Warzone - "As One"
2. Terror - Side By Side "Friends"
3. Ignite - Youth of Today - "Disengage"
4. Death By Stereo - Youth of Today "Break Down the Walls"
5. Set Your Goals - Gorilla Biscuits "Forgotten"
6. The Twilight Transmission - Quicksand "Clean Slate"
7. Ambitions - Bold "Running Like Thieves"
8. Down To Nothing - Judge - "What It Meant"
9. Countdown To Life - Insight Out "Burning Fight"
10. Bold - Supertouch "Searching For The Light"
11. Damnation AD - Gorilla Biscuits "Hold Your Ground"
12. Capital - Burn - "Out Of Time"
13. Backlash - Bold "Wise Up"
14. The Mediam - Civ - "Et Tu, Brute?"
15. Triple Threat - No For An Answer - "Without A Reason"
16. The Scare - Battery - "Brand New Place"
17. Mikoto - Texas Is The Reason "Back and To The Left"
18. Walter Schreifels of Gorilla Biscuits/Quicksand - Sick of It All "Pushed Us Too Far"/"Friends"
19. Ignite The Will - Shai Hulud - "For The World"
20. This is Hell - The Movielife/Civ medley