Subzero 1989 - 2009 R.I.P

One of the best hardcore bands ever, New York's own Subzero, has called it quits. Here's the statement from Lou:

"What's up everybody! So yeah...this is it. After a long 20 year run of smashing stages with Subzero we've decided to lay the band to rest. We had a fuckin blast and live with no regrets. Just wanted to say thank you to all the die hards who stood by us from the very beginning and to all the new supporters we've picked up along the way. All the good words of encouragement, showing up at our shows, reppin' our gear and crankin our music! It's a big part of what kept us alive for this long and we thank you for that. All the best to you guys and thank you once again! It's been real. Much respect. We will be playing a few more shows through out different regions of NY and out of state before we end it. Our first is @ Popeyes Pub in Westchester, NY with JASTA on FEB 27th and then In Brooklyn @ Europa with THE CASUALTIES & THE KRAYS for the A CLOCKWORK ORANGE FEST. That's the last time you'll be hearing THE SUFFERING OF MAN / NECROPOLIS set. Then we'll be going out with a bang at the SUPERBOWL OF HARDCORE aka BLACK N BLUE BOWL @ STUDIO B in Brooklyn MAY 30th. There we will be reforming as the ORIGINAL band doing a strictly OLD SCHOOL set. All the demo and HAPPINESS WITHOUT PEACE classics. You don't want to miss any of these shows! Thanks for the good times and the memories! COURAGE! STRENGTH! PRIDE! LIONHEARTED!!!!! "
-Lou Di Bella & Subzero 1989-2009 R.I.P. 20 YEARS STRONG!!! ONE FOR THE UNDERDOGS!!!