Truth Through Fight news

Message from the band:

"Hi there, We have some fresh news. These last two months after the Iberic tour has been really disconcerting for the band. Tony, one of the founder members of the band, has left TTF because he has moved to Murcia (a town over 600km far from or glory city). After that, Jose, a friend of us has repleaced him on guitar. But that's not all 'cause while we were working on new songs for an upcoming release and fixing dates and tour(s), Pata "Crucial Leg" has decided to quit from the band as well due personal reasons. He's playing the two dates we've got fixed in Tarragona and Montesa, and in a few weeks we are going to organise a final show for him in Xerez. We wish Tony and Pata all the best! However, it has been a great blow for us. We are gonna keep up with only a guitar player after Pata is gone. But there have not been only setbacks for us in this while. We are with more energy than ever and we are gonna TOUR CENTRAL AMERICA and MEXICO on July. Yeah, that's not a joke. This is more than real! We will keep you informed about the exact dates we are fixing in the next weeks. Basically, we are trying to get 15 dates in Mexico (and maybe very Southern USA) and 4 dates in Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panam√°. And of course, expect some new release after the summer with new youth crew tunes. Seriously, new songs kick ass!!! In the other hand, we are going to sell our newest 7" "Behind These Words" at the next shows. So beware! 400 copies on clear purple vynil! 'REMEMBER THAT LIFE IS TOO SHORT, AND YOUR REGRETS WON'T CHANGE THE WORLD', truth through fight"