We Live After The Fight

Name: We Live After The Fight. Or as we're known on Lewis Vs. Clark's myspace, We Live After The Football Game.

Location: Trinity/Archdale/Thomasville/Bumfuck NC.

Active since: Somehwere around November 27th 2007.

Special Move: Fast, slow, heavy, in your face, positive, and melodic. We try to incorporate as many different genres as we can in our music.

What did you record so far?
Well, we recorded one EP with our original members, and we just finished recording our full length.
Track List:
Hold Your Own
Set Sail
The Price You Pay
Loose Lips Sink Ships
True Family

How did you guys meet together and what was the reason to start a band?
Well, it all started with me and my friend Jason Davis, who is our orignal drummer. I was sitting at home and he called me and was like "Hey man, me and Alex met this guy up at the skate park, you wanna come play some music with us, try and do some vocals?" At first I felt kind of weird about it because I had been a guitarist up until then. I told them yes and went over to his house and did some vocals, and we all agreed that we would take the band seriously and start playing shows. We didn't really have much of a reason to start it besides just wanting to play some music. After about half a year, there was some personality conflicts and Jason and Alex decided to quit the band. We then picked up Trey and Stephen. I knew Trey from jazz band, and knew that he was an amazing drummer, and Stephen had recently played in a pop punk band called Big Willie and The Slammers, and I knew that he was really good as well. After that we were all set, and hopefully this will remain our permanent line up!

We Live After The Fight is a very interesting name. How did you acquire this and what’s the meaning behind it?
Haha, this is actually kind of funny. We Live After The Fight was actually an old crew that me and a friend started a few years ago. After a while it just kind of fell apart when we were thinking about a band name and I suggested it. We didn't want to use it for the longest time, but we eventually decided that it kind of fit. As far as a meaning, there wasn't one at the time, but if you think about it, there can be a few different meanings. For example, it could say that no matter what, my friends, my family, will always stick together through thick and thin. Or something along those lines, haha.

What’s the biggest inspiration for the band?
The love of music and playing for people. We love going out to shows and seeing people getting nasty with shit. It's just great seeing people dancing and enjoying music that you write. It's also great meeting people and making friends with people. Without fans none of this shit would ever be possible.

Do you feel the bands from the big cities get the most of the attention? So how does it feel to run a hardcore band in a place like Archdale?
It all just depends on how much work you do as a band really. We may be from a small town but if you push your band hard enough and try to get your name out there, it really isn't any different from being a band from a larger city. It definitely can be a bummer when it comes to gas though.

How supportive is the North Caroline scene to up-n-coming hardcore bands like yourself?
Like I said in my previous question, it just depends on how hard you push your band. North Carolina has definitely been very supportive for us though, particularly Greensboro. Fayetteville was also very good to us. We'd love to play there again sometime. But like any other scene, there are bands that get big just because of who they are, or what they look like. I don't care so much about being the next big thing or anything like that. It would be nice to be signed and shit because it would make it easier for us to tour, but at the same time, I would much rather work for everything my band gets than have it handed to us. But yea, the real kids have definitely supported us, and it's so nice to know that there are people who listen to us and enjoy our music.

When you hear the phrase "positive hardcore" what does that mean to you?
To me, it can mean a variety of things. There are a lot of bands that have pissed off lyrics, which is perfectly fine. I listen to a lot of bands like First Blood, Ceremony, The Carrier, Nasty, and Grave Maker. But the emotion that's in positive hardcore, or positive music in general, just gets me so much more pumped than anything else. But yea, when it comes down to it, I just feel that the message in positive hardcore can be just as strong as negative lyrics if you use it right. It can be just as in your face and can get you pumped up in a different way. I love both negative and positive music, but positive music is just so much more meaningful to me.

Considering the wide range of bands you have played with, who did you enjoy the most to share a stage with?
Personally, I'd have to say xHONORx is definitely one of the most enjoyable bands to play with. They're all really good guys and fun to hang out with and chill. I love those guys, and I hope that we continue to keep playing with them in the future. As far as bigger bands, it was really fun to play with Sleeping Giant and Carnifex. They're both extremely kind bands and put on great shows.

American football vs. real football?
University of South Carolina football! Grown up going to the games, and it's always been a tradition, so I can't help but love it. As far as the rest of the band I don't think Ben, Trey or Grant really have a preference, but I know that Stephen is definitely a Florida Gators fan.

Anything else you'd like to expound upon?
Yes! Be sure to keep an eye out for new songs which should be up within the month, and we might have some pretty big news coming up soon as well! Also, Check out xHONORx, they're a great band. Thank you so much for taking the time to give us this interview, and hopefully we'll see you on the road sometime!