Name: Wreckage

Location: Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Active since: Nov. 2007.

Special Move: Brain-thrasher down tuned hardcore for critical people.
Stuff recorded so far: Demo 2008

Is there a theme that runs throughout your lyrics or music?
We try to reflect the need of modern man to get out of the flock and begin to use his brain, the most powerful weapon we have, and fight for all the things we can’t develop inside our society.

What emotions do you hope your music evokes in listeners?
Defiance, scorn, rejection and anger.

What are the bands’ personal influences?
Well, if you ask about lyrics, the main influence is life itself but also some political and philosophical ideas that surround it. If you ask about music, I think we are very influenced by Clevo stuff, Holy Terror bands, Swedish old school death metal and black metal.

What is New World Order in your opinion and what are the main evidences that such thing exists?
NWO was born with the end of the Cold War. It is the practice of a capitalism stripped of any ethical values, where only economical benefits are important. Of course, only the richest people from the richest nations are the beneficiaries of all that, and that is the only reason of maintaining it.

How is the scene in Tenerife? Are there many local bands and shows there and do you have many bands from abroad coming to you?
Well, we have a little scene here in the Canary Islands, we are like brothers. You have Good Fellaz, a great band in a Mental/Righteous Jams style where our bassist Ale plays too ( www. myspace. com/goodfellazhc), you have Mirror Match (www. myspace. com/mirrormatch) , old school flavoured hardcore punk; the melodic hardcore of Sin Sentido ( www. myspace. com/sinsentido07 ) and Milk Fiction (www. myspace. com/milkfiction), 466/64 grinders (www. myspace. com/kafkiano ) or Against All Hope’s metalcore (www.myspace.com/ againstallhopemusic). Unfortunately, we had more bands in the past like Pollution, Take Care or En La Distancia, but due to different circumstances, they have split up. Yes, we can talk about a healthy Canary hardcore scene. We have brought some bands of the Spanish-Portuguese mainland like Versvs, For The Glory, Über, Dias Cruciales or Truth Throght Fight, but it’s a hard and expensive (although comforting) work.

How it is running a band in a place like a Tenerife? What are the main obstacles you have to face to keep it going?
It’s really hard running a band here in the islands. There are only two clubs where the bands can play, you can’t easily find rooms where to practice. If you can gather 100 persons in a concert, you have achieved the impossible. Pure DIY as hard as I’m telling you.

Books and movies everybody should check out?
Well, I’m reading just now John Joseph’s “Evolution of a Cromagnon”, highly recommendable. Personally, I’m a fan of all H.P. Lovecraft literature. Movies like THX1138, Zeitgeist (the movie), Fight Club or Bulworth and you can understand Wreckage’s way of thinking.

What are the future plans for Wreckage?
We’ve been stopped for few months, so our immediate plans are practicing hard and immediately record a new demo with 6 new songs. Then, touring the Spanish mainland and who knows, maybe Europe?

Wreckage @ Myspace