XHonorX working on their debut EP

Here's the message from the band:

"As all of you already know we have been working hard on our debut EP "WHAT'S RIGHT!", well as of recently we have decided to start our recording process over. With a fresh start we believe that the over all production of this album will have greater outcome than before. We have decided to boost our six song EP to a seven song EP. The song xCHADWICKx Loves Miley Cyrus will now be known as The Third. A brand new song and title track will be added to complete this album.

Track List:
1. Anchored
3. All For One and One For All
4. Easy Come Easy Go
5. As of Never
6. The Third

We have worked long and hard on this and there is so much more about the EP we would like to talk about, but right now this is all we can give you. Thanks to everyone who keeps up with us and is awaiting the EP."

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