Name: xHONORx

Location: Thomasville, NC

Active since: January 2008, haha yea only been around a year

Special Move: I'm not sure what this means lol, but we right heavy in your face beatdown music for people who enjoy having fun at shows.

Stuff recorded so far: 2008 Demo/Live @ Lucky's Pub CD
Brothers In Arms
The Meaning
All For One and One For All
When Winning Means Everything
Walking Tall

Your debut EP "WHAT'S RIGHT!" is in the making. What people can expect from this stuff?
This EP definitely shows a lot more maturity in our music. Still heavy hitting and in your face, but it has a soothing melodic sense to it as well.

Lyrically what kind of themes can we expect?
Straightedge, Posi, Life

Do you plan to sign to a label or keep it DIY?
Well we've talked to a couple labels, but we have done really well for ourselves thus far. Support would be nice though.

What do you feel makes a good hardcore band?
Interacting with the crowd and showing that you love what your doing.

How do you feel about hardcore today?
Hardcore music is good either way you look at it, to me it's one of the only types of music out that isn't solely about bullshit. I think people use it as a trend these days though, but for the people who truly know and understand what hardcore is, thank you.

What are the good hardcore bands from NC people should know about?
Deathblow RIP, Never In Life, Kong!, This Runs Deep, Lame Brain, Nations, RUINS, and We Live after the Fight(More Metal than hardcore, but good). Yea that's a pretty good start.

Are any of you in other bands?
Nah, but we have been in other bands in the past...lets not talk about that lol.

How is SxE important to you? What was the reason to do this? Do you think that outwardly advertising straight edge can cause many people to follow it as just another trend instead of a lifetime decision?
Straightedge is the most important thing in all of our lives. We don't really push it in our music in away to make it advertising, but we do give examples in our music showing what good it can bring you. Purity is an amazing thing, you only get one life so don't abuse it. As far as the trend goes, some people do go about it the wrong way, but we can't stop that. There will always be ignorance no matter what we do. For the people of are straightedge and truly follow it for the right reasons, we are proud of you all.

Any last words?
Thank you to everyone who has support us in this last year and we promise to continue to bring you guys music for many years to come. Never fall short of yourself and never follow trends. Be your own person and make your own decisions. "WHAT'S RIGHT!" coming soon!

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