Merauder have inked a deal with Sweden's Regain Records

New York hardcore/metal veterans MERAUDER have inked a deal with Sweden's Regain Records. The band's new album, "God Is I", is scheduled for release on June 19.
Vocalist Jorge Rosado says, "This is one of the most important and brutal records we've ever worked on and it's all worth it!!!"

According to a press release, "God Is I" is MERAUDER's "most focused recording since [1995's] 'Master Killer'. Melding the band's roots with modern bite, the intent becomes immediately clear within seconds of the album's suckerpunch opening riff; 'Until' hones in on its listener and the chase begins. Runaway freight train grooves, mid-pace stomps, seething gang vocals and death metal-drenched riffs all find themselves vying for supremacy amidst their patented NYHC delivery.
MERAUDER will support Swedish thrashers THE HAUNTED beginning in early April