True At Heart

Name: True At Heart

Location: San Bruno ,CA

Active since: 2007

How do you define your overall style?
Hardcore influenced. Tough thrash riffs and hard breakdowns.

What do you have recorded so far?
2 demos.Airport city 07 and Treal Fuckin Talk 08.

Tell the history of the band. How and when did it started?
It started as a weak metal band in late 06. Jake and Dan Swanson came in on drums and vocals and put a hardcore influence on the rest of the band.since then we've gone through 5 members morphing our style more and more.

Who has influenced you in the early days of the band and have your inspirations changed since then?
We started out influenced by heavy breakdown bands. we still base our writing off that, but have picked up more original hardcore sounds and styles.

How have the line-up changes affected your sound?
When we first started we were all about being heavy as can be. Through different members in and out of the band we now write more efficient, faster paced better riffs.

Tell us what you hope people will get out of your music and lyrics.
We hope people can relate to our music because of the real problems we face everyday. We write what we feel fits us and how we are. We aint little spoiled little white kids making cheesy music because we want to be "hardcore" or "famous". This is our message to the world, take it or leave it, were here to stay and keep talking. We want people to have fun with our music and FUCK A RAVE.

How did you get into this thing we call hardcore?
Most of us got into it from word of mouth. Of course we all started out listening to some kind of heavy music than later evolving our preferences to hardcore. We appreciate what hardcore gives us to look forward to.

State of hardcore nowadays: good or bad?
So so. Its hard to judge since there are bands just plain ruining the hardcore reputation and bands that are progressing the style and meaning.

What's more important to you: a powerful songs or powerful lyrics?
Both go hand and hand. We start by first writing a song, followed by lyrics based off the vibe of the music. This can take a while for us to do because of the way we work together to edit our music.

What are other bands from Bay Area that dudes from the rest of the world should check out?
Lionheart, Maya Over Eyes, Dont Trip,At Our Heals, Lose None, Alcatraz, First Blood, Crucified, Unchained, Destroy The Colossus, Locked Up A.D.,S ixteen Yards.

What are your plans for the future?
Hopefully make merch, tour, make friends.

Shout outs and/or last comments?
Thank you all for the support...recognize these people. Our family and all our know who you are. U.S. troops, people who dont let society define how they live their life. All bands we've shared the stage with. Barack Obama. And last but not least...FUCK A RAVE.

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