Death Threat to release Lost At Sea on Reaper Rec.

It is lived and it is loved. It is preached and it is followed. It is breathed, ate and slept. It is the life we have chosen. As the soundtrack of our lives, it offers relief from what ails and for Connecticut's DEATH THREAT it is an inextricable way of being. A statement of purpose that keeps the group coming together time and again. A big middle finger in the face of all adversity. A "1,2, fuck you!" to the weekend warriors and tourists. Since their inception, the group has had the ability to pull together myriad factions into a cohesive group, even if for only a precious half hour. Chalk this up to the group being both credible and humorous. What a concept! Just one listen to their debut release, 1998's "Last Days", and you know they're not here to fit into any preconceived molds. Follow it up with 2000's. "Peace And Security" and 2002's "God And Government" and you can see a group as it should be — growing in talent without abandoning its core mission. The bands 3rd full length, 2004's "Now Here Fast" is the prime example of a band's complete reanimation of there musical influences. Classic hardcore and punk chants, riffs and breakdowns, all in the signature DEATH THREAT style. Shortly after the release of "Now Here Fast", the group decided to fracture and pursue other individual ventures. A great document of this time is the release of the Price Of Pain/Crowns Of Kings split EP on Reaper Records. The two sides comprised the new projects of the DEATH THREAT family. 2009 will bring great things to the bands fans as the group is set to release its newest offering, "Lost At Sea". The recording is a 4-song kick to the eardrum. A return to form by the band that helped knock a genre on its ass. This year will bring many live appearances by the band.