Gypsy put up two songs on the Six Feet Under website

Gypsy just put up two songs on the Six Feet Under website.
"Me Against The World" is off the upcoming 7" single. "Sleep Well" is a basement demo track. Gypsy features Alex from Cold World, Foster from Blacklisted, Rifkin from Bad Seed, and Drew from Let Down. They will be playing shows this summer with Title Fight across the US.

How many of the best bands from past years have come from Wilkes Barre PA? Well heres another one. Gypsy features members of Cold World, Blacklisted, Bad Seed, and Let Down. Dont look for any mosh parts here though, this is more in the vain of Jawbreaker, Seaweed, Dinosaur Jr, and Knapsack. Melodic hardcore with a rough edge to it. This is Gypsy's debut release and is a 2 song single. The track "Me Against The World" is up right now on the SFU myspace. But if you go to SFU website you can hear an extra demo track "Sleep Well"

Go preorder the 7" now