Name: Iceberg

Location: Northern Indiana

Active since: April 08

How do you define your overall style?
Fast paced heavy hardcore

What’s your goal with this band?
Have fun, travel, play music, and release aggression

What do you have recorded so far?
We just finished a 6 song EP and we have an old demo that was recorded when we first started

Please give a brief history of the band, how did it get started.
We all were just sick of the shitty music that was being played around here and we wanted to start a band that we were in to

What are some key elements and influences, both musical and non musical, that have shaped Iceberg to what it is today?
We all grew up listening to punk and hardcore and its been a good outlet for shitty days and frustrations

Who write the lyrics and what do you sing about?
Steve writes most of the lyrics and takes inspiration from built up stress.

What's your label situation? Who you signed to and do they have distribution?
We have been talking to a couple of labels and are kind of waiting to see which one works out

What’s the scene like out there in Indiana at the moment?
I'ts growing a lot more people are getting in to throwing shows and starting bands...for the most part its good...everyone is getting involved and thats what our scene needs right now.

What are your views on the file downloading? Is it destroying the scene or is it a tool to help upcoming bands blow?
It helps people get their music out and to us thats what hardcore is about just getting your message out and not trying to profit

How are you finding the Myspace hype? Love it or hate it?
It helps with shows and its easier for people to discover us outside of our local scene

With bands like Hatebreed getting the major recognition, are media in USA interested in hardcore?
Are there any radio stations in your area that are supporting this type of music? No we feel its still more underground and that the majority of the people dont want to hear the truth about life. No radio stations support our music in this area.

What’s the worst fashion you have ever witnessed at a show?
We are not really worried about how people are dressed as long as they are there for the right reasons and to help build our scene.

Of all the places you played, which do you think has got the best moshers?
Its all about the hoosier hardstyle haha.

So what's next for Iceberg?
Shows, hang outs, and tyring to get our music out

Any shout-outs or anything you wanna add?
Any given second, nowhere bound, choking on reality, karloff, blood in blood out, after the quarrel, body check, trontor, black teeth, joshy for driving us to all our shows, New Republic Tattoo and anyone else who is supporting us and this music.

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