Name: Rob Hood

Band Name: Jaguars

Location: Sacramento, CA

Active since: July 2008.

How do you define your overall style?
Old school hardcore with some new school influence. Just heavy ass shit that you can't help to bang your head to.

What’s your goal with this band?
Well I started the band up when I left hoods back in the middle of '08, and the goal originally was to put together a new lineup of old friends and newly found friends to possibly tour or just make some killer tracks.

What do you have recorded so far?
We originally did a 3 song demo under another name with different members in December '07. Then we recorded the "On The Prowl" EP in the middle of '08, and then recorded 3 new tracks just a couple months ago.

So, basically, when and why did you guys decide it’s a right moment to start a band?
Well I originally started the band up as a side project, but it quickly became my main project, and was always a main project for the rest of the guys because it was their only band. I was just ready for something fresh and to write my own shit.

Musically, how does Jaguars measure up to what you had been doing as a members Hoods, Suffokate & Havenside?
First off, no one else from either Suffokate nor Havenside have contributed to this band musically other than maybe 1 partial song. I'd say it has a lot of Hoods influence with the old stuff because I was in the band and a long time fan. I'd say it sounds like a lot of different bands, but still stands out on its own.

Let's talk about your latest EP 'On The Prowl’, where did that title come from and how does it apply to the content?
I'd say it kind of fits the theme of the band name. I also found it to be rather fitting because I felt that it was our first real release and it was us breaking into the world and our shit was on the prowl to capture peoples hearts.

Share a bit about some of the themes, some of the “topics” you sing about. Is there any message you want to spread to the listeners?
Well, we touch a lot on a lot of common topics that other bands do, but mainly talking about bitches, cops, fake friends and other hateful topics like that. However, the topics in the new tracks are as real as it gets. Some people will love it, some people will hate it, either way, it'll blow everyone's minds.

What is your main inspiration when writing?
I write whatever I think will sound hard, its hard to explain. Musicians will understand what I mean.

It seems that there are a lot of new bands coming out of Cali recently and most of them are really good. What’s your opinion on the hardcore scene in your area nowadays?
I have seen a lot of good bands popping up, which is definitely awesome. The hardcore scene around here is a bit dead because people are lazy and don't come out to shows. There are a lot of good cali bands coming up that everyone should check out, such as, lionheart, hammerfist, give em hell, take pride, martyrdom, 5 victims 4 graves, in clear sight and a lot of others that I can't think of off the top of my head.

What was your first introduction to hardcore?
I got into hardcore after listening to punk. I think I was around 10 years old or so. I used to go to shows at westcoast worldwide all the time, it was like a second home for me for many years. I can't imagine playing another type of music, because no other genre will ever capture the adrenaline fueled rush that hardcore brings.

In which direction would you love to take hardcore in the future?
There really is no direction I want it to go. I feel like we're making it our own, just like a lot of bands do, and I hope that everyone can stay original in some way shape or form. I'm tired of seeing local bands all over the US every single night basically playing For The Fallen Dreams covers, so to speak of course, or trying to be Hoods. Shits annoying, no one takes the time to be creative anymore. I'm tired of seeing some shitty bands gain popularity by biting off of other bands originality.

Whats next on your agenda?
Probably write another 7 songs and make a full length, or just jam out on some shows, who knows.

Any last minute shout outs?
All our boys from all our friend bands. All the people I've met all over the world over the last few years. Thanks to all the people who listen and rep our shit, means a lot of all of us. Keep spreadin that shit, you have no idea how much it helps us out.