Nothing Between US

Name: Nothing Between Us

Location: Warsaw

Active since: November 2008

How you define your overall style?
Hardcore- it’s like a mix of raging Hulk with Johny Bravo attitude.

What’s your goal with this band?
We don’t have a sort of plan or goals for the future. We just wanna play as many gigs as it’s possible. Just have fun coz of makin music we love.

What do you recorded so far?
We’ ve recorded an Ep this spring.

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.
D:Me and Kalina were talking a lot about our favorite bands. We were like those two old guys from Muppet Show.One day after few beers we said ”fuck it all…let’s start a band”..Then we started looking for a line-up and it was hard you took the whole summer to do it ..which was strange coz we all knew each other and at october/november we started making our own songs..
Current line-up is:
Biały - bass
Sten - guitar
Kalina – guitar
Wróbel - drums
Darek and Koza - vocals

What’s your biggest influence when writting songs?
D: I can tell only for myself...we aren’t a political vegan/sXe band. I’m writin’ only about shit i know!! I’m also addicted to nerd stuff...

What are the biggest obstacles when running a band in Poland? Explain some of the frustrations you come up agains?
I think there aren’t many problems! But when it comes to the frustration thing … I think It’s always connected with money and our everyday life obligations that we have to manage! You have to make choices in your in life which bring you peace or happiness, it’s always your decision! We decided to start a band, it was our decision, and stand up for things we love the most – HARDCORE!
The scene in Poland is strong and still growin’ which is good and bad. All you need to do, to support it is: hardcore kid attitude, passion in heart and guts twisted by anger.

Has any band member played in other bands, if so what ?
D: Yeah
I was growling in ”Angst For The Memories”.
Kalina was playing guitar in ”It Burns Within”
Sten is the current bass player in a deathcore massacre called LET RAVENS COME
Koza used to sing in Princess (tech grindcore ) currently is making strange noises in ANUS MAGULO...
Whitey is just Whitey - we picked him up coz he’s just a crazy mosh warrior. You should see his’s like “wow!”.
And last but not least - Wróbel...and there’s problem coz he’s played in so many bands during the last 6 years, that even he can’t count them! Is he that good or…

Do you think hardcore music is on the rise nowadays?How do you feel about hardcore bands signing to major labels,playing big festivals etc.?
D: Yeah and it is strange to see that for most of the kids it’s only temporary fashion, but they act like they’ve seen the first Minor Threat know what i mean???
About bands playin for’s their choice..i know it’s propably easier but we will not go that way...i can promise you that..100% DIY...

What is your favourite track you hace ever recorded ,why and what is it about?
We love all of’s imposible to choose’s abstract just like the fight between Robocop and Terminator...

What people should know about Polish scene in general?what other bands would you recommend checking out?
Just come and see by yourself...
Definetly check :
Stone Heart – they are making a new Ep and belive me they are gonna be huge..crazy miners:D
Death Row - the best barbecue hardcore from Warsaw
Hard to Breathe – mad punks with psycho vocalist ...
Regres – you laugh, you scream, you cry, you dream…they are full of passion and they force you to think in positive way. This is true hardcore magic! Like polish BANE or so…

What you’ve got planned for 2009.
We don’t have any plans...but we do have a few goals: play as much concerts as we can, release our Ep somewhere besides the internet, we want to touch our baby born…

Any final comments?
Stay Frosty....

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