Observer Music Monthly on hardcore kids

According to Observer Music Monthly, this is how hardcore kids dress like nowadays (mostly applicable to Britain only). The main question is - are things looking so bad in UK at the moment?

"The hardcore kid

As if there weren't enough teen tribes already, someone just had to go and invent another. This is a 16-year-old from Leeds, who, by mixing the hair, piercings and tight jeans of emo with the chavs' favourite New Era caps and Nike windbreakers, has got the new hardcore look down to a T. I'm not particularly happy about any of this. When it's dark, late at night and perhaps I'm not perfectly sober, there's no way of knowing whether I'm supposed to avoid these kind of kids before they mug me or give them a shoulder to cry on." - Observer Music Monthly

Good news are - we got more style than Nu Ravers freaks, Goths and definitely way more good taste in clothes than the Indie Bohos, whoever they are. But, where are the good old days of 'ugly and proud' gone?