Ill Intent

Band’s name: Ill Intent

Location: Seattle, WA. United States

Active since: 2008

How do you define your overall style?
Fast traditional hardcore with a modern twist.

What’s your goal with this band? To keep playing shows, touring, having fun and keep releasing new music. We also want to go as far as the band will take us, as far as doing europe, Japan and everywhere else.

What do you have recorded so far?
Right now we have a 6 song demo released in 08, with a couple songs that haven't been released from that same session. We are going into the studio this month to record 8 new songs that should be coming out this fall.

Can you tell us some history about Ill Intent? How long have you been playing together and what was the reason to start a band?
Ill Intent has been a band for about 2 years, the first year, they had an 07 demo with a different singer, but that didn't work out. I joined the band last august, recorded and immediately hit the road on tour. When I joined the band, we were all living together at that time and I wasn't doing much as far as bands were concerned. It just worked out, because we were all musically and mentally all on the same page with what we wanted to accomplish with the band. At the time, I was feeling really frustrated with a lot of things that were going on with the government and in politics. So it gave me a great forum to voice those opinions.

How did you come up with that name Ill Intent? What does it mean to you?
I wasn't there for the initial naming of the band, but when I heard it, I gave it the thumbs up of approval. What it means to me is that we are a no bullshit band. Straight up and honest. You can see our name and no what we're about.

I really like the message behind the No Rest For The Weary song. Have you ever regretted your life decisions and what would you tell to the other kids when they gotta choose between the life of stability and security and following their dreams?
I haven't regretted any choice that I have made. Obviously, like anyone else, I have made mistakes, but I feel that I have learned from those mistakes and try my best to not repeat them. As far as following your dreams and a life of stability, they can be one in the same. If someone's goal is to find a stable job, buy a house, get married, live the dream, etc... then they should pursue that by any means necessary. On the flip side of that, if someone decides that life is not for them, that is perfectly fine. But either way or any choice you make, just make sure that you are making that choice because you want to, not because of what anyone thinks you should be doing. If someone were to ask me which path they should choose, I would tell them which ever one they wanted and to live life on their own terms. My life is a train wreck in every aspect. Financially, emotionally, romantically, stability-wise, but I wake up everyday happy and take each day as it comes. It's the life that I want to live, so fuck anybody that tells me I am doing something wrong. These are my choices to make.

What inspires an Ill Intent songs lyrically in general? Would you say you are a political band?
Life in general inspires the lyrics. When I wrote all the lyrics for the 08 demo, I was at a point in my life that was extremely stress free. I had a good place to live, a stable, great paying job, a beautiful girlfriend and basically smooth sailing. Emotionally, I was solid and sound. So, I did not have a lot to write about emotionally, because I refuse to ever fake passion. Hard core is fuled by anger and emotion, so the only thing that I had left to write about were a lot of political issues that really pissed me off at the time. Since I wrote all the lyrics for the 08 demo, a year ago. I have gone through a lot personally. Went through a pretty hard break up. Had lots of health problems, some of which caused us to take a 4 month hiatus. I moved to New York and failed out there, so I came back home. Had some close family members pass away. I have been homeless for the last 4 months and just had a really hard time with health and finances. So the new stuff is going to be pretty personal about struggle and overcoming adversity as well as some of the same government issues that still aggravate me.

Tell us about Ill Intent live show? What is your formula for a successful performance and how it makes you feel when the kids are feeling your music and singing the lyrics?
A typical Ill Intent show, you are going to get a high energy performance. Always. Hardcore is all about energy and every member of this band lives for it. We have all made sacrifice after sacrifice for this band and we all feel it 100% So every member of the band goes off and when people are feeling what we're feeling, they go off too. I love it when kids sing along and go crazy. Although I do not expect everybody to agree with my lyrics, I just want them to know what they are about. I want to provoke conscious thought, which is why I always provide explanations to the songs. So people know what the content of the song is all about.

What's the thing that you are most proud of in the history of the band?
The way that we all get along so well and are friends first and foremost. I love every member of this band like brothers and wouldn't do it if our bond of friendship wasn't as strong as it is. Also, in the year that we have a been a band, including the 4 month medical break I took, we were out of the road for almost 5 months. We were able to go to central america, canada and hit the states extensively. I am extremely proud of all the hard work every member has put in.

Whats playing on your stereo the most at the moment?
I listen to a lot of different kinds of music. Lots of hip hop, radio and underground. Lots of old rock bands and some softer stuff for times when I just need to chill.
Fences - My homie from seattle, it's really talented, accoustical, folk rock, pop stuff that fits every mood I am in.
Atmosphere - my all time favorite MC next to every member of Wu-Tang.
Black Sabbath - One of my all time fav bands
Cro Mags - my absolute favorite band, I also entertain their whole catalog, not just age of quarrel
Biohazard - every album except for uncivilization. yuck.
AC/DC - Only the first 3 albums with Bon Scott, I don't like Brian Johnson at all and Bon Scott is the real deal.
Do you know anything about European hardcore? Any bands? Labels?
No Turning Back is one of my fav current bands. As well as Rise and Fall. Frustration is a new band from Ireland that is KILLING IT right now.

The worst and the best movie ever made?
Best movie, the warriors. Also, classics like the first 2 godfathers, good fellas, point break. Worst movie? Anything in the last few years directed by michael bay. Hollywood and the movie industry is such garbage right now. Everything is a recycled remake with a bunch corny CGI and sweet explosions. Directors need to realize that no matter how attractive the cast is, how many explosions, or CGI animals in the movie... if the plot sucks, the movie will suck. I only watch comedies these days, because everything else is garbage.

Anything you want to add, tell us about or give any general shout outs too?
Lots of upcoming bands. power, decades, persistence of time, hit the bricks, vanguard, gone but not forgotten, putrid brew, horizons, grave maker, rotting out, fences, sojourner, poverty bay saints, odd rule, rebuilt and the whole northwest scene right now, it's better than it ever has been in awhile. Shouts to 10Deep, Survie Apparel, Life of Villains, Winners Circle and The Cool in Tacoma. Fice, blue sky black death and northwest hiphop. Thanks for the interview! I hope you are well and taking care of yourself.

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