Cut Your Losses

Cut Your Losses is putting Oklahoma back on the map! The band delivers nothing but the pissed off, no bullshit hardcore that hits you in the face like a brick. They've already put out an album on Ghost Town Records called 'Where's Your God?' and believe me, it's brutal!

First of all, could you give us a rundown on Cut Your Losses – who is who, how did you guys get together and what was the reason to start a band?

Jonny Mal- Bass
Jeramie Mal-Vox
Brooks Whiteside- Guitar
Adam Guerra-Drums

Cut Your Losses started as some down ass brothers who quit fuckin around and formed a hardcore band with some real members instead of "just joining a band." We all grew up together, we've all shared some crazy stories in this city of Altus. Each of us knew one another had years of experience in what they did too. So we felt pretty good about it.

Your debut EP has came out this year. Are you pleased with the way it turned out? How has been the response so far?
Very pleased. Tom Tactic (Skare Tactic) hooked it up with the sickest producer in L.A. (Roger Camero) and we couldn't thank him enough. Responses are good and people seem to like the Cd a lot. CYL is very pleased with the outcome however it may continue.

Your music gets mosty compared to bands like Terror and Hatebreed. Do you agree with that and what are some other bands that have influenced your style?
Yes you could compare us to them. If you're in hardcore and wanna make it a job then pretty much your fighting to sit next to them. If you want to be a master, learn from the masters.
A lot of other bands have influenced such as: Rhinoceros, XRepresentX, Will to Live, Death Threat, Crowns of Kings, Hoods, Barricade, Blood Stands still, and yo I gotta shout to the locals such as: Break Yourself, Cannonball, Low Blow, South Paul Victory etc. Even just playing with some of these bands is like a dream come true. It's been inspirational throughout.

Is there a theme that runs throughout your lyrics or music? Is there anything you hope listeners to take away from your music?
Not really a theme. Each song is a portion of teaching. Telling people we've seen the deception of others just as we all have and to not get frustrated with the way they are and continue your dreams and goals. If someone is to tread on you making that goal then make sure they don't ever do it again. People should know the difference between beliefs and truths. Just showin people how pissed I am about the worlds filth. But hey living in this world I got a little filthy myself.

Many of your lyrics, like for example Down And Out or Only The Strong seem to have a negative attitude, would you agree with that?
I would not agree with that at all. Down and Out is about the man who speaks so highly of himself and swears his loyalty to his God and plans. Tells people he'll deliver and no one can harm him cause "God's" on his side and uses him for selfish gain but when/if shit hits the fan, He's out of pocket or someone comes by and cocks back a 45. stainless and puts it in that fools mouth he'll sell out and decieve every belief he was ever taught to get that barrel out of his mouth. Just sayin don't be the one with the barrel in your mouth and if you are? Better be ready to die for your beleifs.
Only the Strong strictly goes out to my brothers in CYLC who stayed true and who are still here today. Mainly I wanted to throw it in peoples faces that the word "friend" should not be thrown around so easily. I can understand how people might take these songs negatively cause they have a concrete guard to them. I want people to know that it takes years to acquire a "friend".

You guys stick with the heavy side of hardcore. What is the response to your music from the metal crowd?
We get a lot of good responses from the metal side. I just as a few other members in the band like metal. Check out the local band bearseekingbear! Those are our bros. Anyone who thinks it's a war between hardcore and metal needs to get the fuck off the frontline cause real men are shooting, Ha ha.

What is the scene in Oklahoma like?
Dead, there was a good scene in Tulsa but the only hardcore band was Sworn Against and they called it quits. We've been bookin shows forever tryin to keep the scene alive. Cut Your Losses is the spawn of O.K.H.C.

To be honest, I don’t know many bands coming from over there, it seems like East and West coast are the most active when it comes to hardcore, the Midwest is strong as well, but the further you get to the middle of the continent there’s just almost nothing happening there. What bands, labels, crews are the most active in your area?
Not very many at all. We're the foundation of this area and that's what CYL wants to do is take a stand and get some good bands spread throughout this area and get some corporate moves goin around here. There's many good local bands here. Not a lot go and push to get noticed though. AS far as labels in hardcore around here. NONE. Hardcore crews: CYLC, crew of brothers who love hardcore, got mad respect for one another,and grew up together.

Do you think that the fact that you’re based not in the one of the coasts have any impact on how you are running the band, i.e. when it goes to find a label, book a show or tour?
Somewhat, OK isn't really known for a lot of anything. Unless you like country or the All-American Rejects. We usually just hit people up like everyone else. "Hey, here's my Cd, info, tour dates, contact number and address. Can you help us with this?" We'll let them judge for thereselves if they want to do business with us. I don't think saying I'm from anywhere would improve our status. Just need to get people to hear us and if anything they'll say "Holy shit these dudes are from OKLAHOMA?!" lol.

As far as the hardcore scene goes in general, what do you think about the current state of it?
I think it's fallin off but the real men are still holdin it down. Too many fashion victims standin on the walls holding their girlfriends. But it's all good cause when the lights go out and the curtains drop we'll see who's pickin their feet up.

Nobody can doubt that tattoos are an important part of hardcore. What are some of your favorite tattoos you’ve got and what’s the meaning behind them?
I think tattoos are over-rated. I got some and love them for my own personal reasons but some kats now-a-days think that cause some guy has a tattoo on his head or face that he's a hard ass or "he's been there." I don't think anyone is hard cause they can take scratches on their skin. My tattoos are self explainatory.

With shows like Miami Ink and growing number of celebrities displaying their body art, do you ever feel that it’s losing its shock value? How do people in the States react when they see your tattoos?
Man, we get looked at like some freaks. It's more excepted in places such as Cali, Flori, NY and now more then 10 years ago but here in this state if it's not a rebel flag or a cross on your arm your an outcast. Ha ha.

Hardcore have always been more or less connected with politics and social issues. Does it happen that you guys share a stage with a bands with more politically charged bands and what do you think about the divisions some people try to create between political and nonpolitical bands?
As far as Cut Your Losses goes, we take the stage as some kids who fuckin hated the way people are in general and . No matter what type of label or name you give anything people are people and we are born into a class of which was inevitable. We know we have no control over a lot of the big decisions so until WWIII breaks out we'll stay on our side of the fence as long as they stay on their's. Fuck politics and social issues. People just want the chance they were promised. People who never got that chance are very pissed off.

If you could change one thing in a society, what would it be?
Personally I wish we could start over.

Whats playing on your stereo the most at the moment?
100 demons, will to live, rhinoceros, S.P.M, Slipknot, Brother lynch, Z-ro, Flawless Victory, Hoods, XrepresentX, Since the Flood. Variety is the spice of life homie.

What's next for Cut Your Losses on its way to the top?
Connections and hook-up with some more peeps and get some bigger deals goin and bigger shows booked. We just wanna play big shows. You can keep your money, to some people respect is more imporatant.

Where do you see your band in the next 5 years?
Hopefully progressing with the recognition of our band and Oklahoma Hardcore.

Thanx for the interview, any last words?
Thanks for the interview. We appreciate your interest in our band and would like to hook-up again any way possible. CYLC

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