Alley Gods - Alley Gods

Just when you thought the whole world gone metal, you discover a band like Alley Gods which kind of give you some hope.

It’s fast and angry but very danceable at the same time. They made sure they packed their songs with the quickest tempos and meanest dance parts. Naturally, the ep has a fantastic old school feel. These guys obviously learned their licks from the early pioneers like SSD, Agnostic Front, Warzone and Minor Threat. The music is heavily rooted in what has been done in the past, yet when you think of it, most of the old school bands nowadays wanna sound like Have Heart and there are few bands who actually deliver that pissed off style of hardcore. The A-side of this Ep contains 4 tracks from 2007, while B-side is taken from the September 2008 recording session and while there is no big difference in style between them, the newer material display the progress the band is making. While still staying true to the concept of fast old school hardcore, their songs got more complex with more hooklines and better delivery. I don’t have a lyrics sheet but with song titles like Food For The Guns or Beers & Queers it seems like off-the-wall jokes and attempts to get under everybody’s skin. Which is nice.

What I like about what Alley Gods are doing is that they are really holding it up for the true pissed off hardcore sound. No bullshit, just a high-energy slap of hardcore.

Author: Dloogi

Label: Poolside Records
Year: 2009

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