And All Was Silent

"We remember when Hardcore wasn't a fashion show and bands weren't trying to get famous playing it. For us it isn't and never will be about any of that. We just want to play as many shows as possible and have fun and meet some cool people while we're doing it."

Introduce your band to our readers and tell us where your bands from.
Yo we're And All Was Silent, from Woonsocket Rhode Island. Victor (vocals), Jimmy (Bass), Brandon (guitar), Brian (drums).

How did the band start?
(Brandon) In 2005 Brian originally played guitar, I sang, and we had another drummer. We started out playing high school battle of the bands, and breaking shit.

Can you tell us why No Turning Back is worth a listen, and what should kids expect from it?
(Brian) I think its not your average cookie cutter hardcore cd, its a straight up beatdown record, with mad breakdowns, and sexy 2 step parts.
(Jimmy) Its a good album and after you listen to it your gonna wanna come out to a live show.

With song titles like "Put this in your mouth" and "Better off dead" it seems you're not beating around the bush when it comes to writing lyrics. How would you describe the lyrical content of the cd and where do you find your inspiration?
(Victor) The content is simple and straight to the point, my inspiration comes from everyday occurances and situations. I hate people who talk shit but cant back it up, thats what "Put this in your mouth" is about, and "Better off Dead" is about people who were served a silver spoon and have never changed there mentallity, thinking they are better than everyone else.

So what is your label situation and where can kids buy your EP?
(Brandon) Our EP is self released on our own label, Hit The Deck Records. Its available at,, and off our myspace . Were looking for label support and distro in europe, and as well as a label for our next record which is ready to be recorded early 2010.

You guys are working with japan based Retribution Network, how did this collaboration come about?
(Jimmy) We started selling our EP on ebay, labeling it for fans of Boston Hardcore, a few people in Japan bought it. Shortly after Retribution contacted us requesting a bunch of merch, because kids in japan were asking for it.

"We remeber when hardcore wasnt a fashion show and bands werent trying to get famous playing it" is a quote off your myspace page. So how do you feel about the hardcore scene today? Do you think that media recognition helped to spark a revival of the genre or rather made it just another trend?
(Brian) I think the recognition of hardcore bands is good for a few reasons to bring new kids to shows, theres nothing wrong with that, but in my opinion the genre of hardcore is over used and not understood. Im sick of all these shitty little kids wearing chicks pants, crying into the microphone, having a shaggy haircut, and playing breakdowns and thinking there a hardcore band. Real hardcore isnt about how many people can see your nuts in the pants your wearing, and real hardcore isnt just about breakdowns, which most kids dont understand.

What is the hardcore scene like in Rhode Island?
(Brandon) All the venues got shut down, so now its hard to even have shows. When there is all ages venues shows go well theres a decent amount of kids who still care.

What are the bands plans for the future?
(Victor) Keep doing what were doing, play as many shows as possible, and record a new full length cd. Also we want to play outside the USA, and get fucked up!

Anything else you would like to add?
(All) Check out our stuff on myspace if you like it buy it help us out, we would also like to thank Dloogi for hooking us up with this interview. Shout outs to our boys in RI, MA, and All in Crew in CT.