Band’s name: Brooksite

Location: Long Island New York

Active since: Spring 2008

How do you define your overall style?
Beatdown Hardstyle

What’s your goal with this band?
To do something people will remember and of course to keep hardcore alive

What do you have recorded so far?
A 2 song sample in 2008 and the 5 track Reclaim Ep in early 2009, a one new track in early spring 09

I just want to get a little history on the Brooksite. How did you guys come together?
Who is who in the band? Victor and Nick wanted to started a new heavy band, they were both previously in a melodic hardcore/rock band called Galilei, which was pretty successful on long island. Victor plays guitar, Nick plays bass, Lumpy plays guitar, Colin is the vocalist and Corey is the drummer

It’s not hard to notice that metallic hardcore is on the rise nowadays. How do think your band fits into the scene? Why people should give it a listen?
We fit into the scene because were just a bunch of friends in a hardcore band just trying to have a good time and have a true understanding for what hardcore really is, hence why people should listen to us.

Can you tell me about The Reclaim Ep. How would you describe these songs?
Its pretty solid, but we don't really enjoy it too much, Our new shit is fucking HEAVYYY

What has been the response so far?
People like it but they have no idea whats coming

For someone who hasn't experienced you all live, what's to be expected?
Lots of hate mosh hahaha

Who are the main influences on the band - in terms of music, film, politics etc?
Basically bands like Hatebreed, Shattered Realm, Buried Alive, Six Ft Ditch, Earth Crisis and Swear To God

How familiar are you with the European scene? Do you have any favourite bands from over here?
Yeah, that scene rules...Special Move, Cold Hard Truth, Crawlspace, Nasty, Six Ft Ditch, Providence, Redound all great bands

Favourite horror movie?
What do you think about the new Halloween movie from Rob Zombie? I personally love the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the original Halloween, i dont know how i feel about rob zombies remake, probably gonna see it soon

Favourite porn star?
Gianna Micheals, Julia Bond, Peter North ;-)

What are the next plans for the band?
Make all new material, put out a split with our friends in King Nine (

Any last words?
Would just like to shout out some of our friends bands
thats about it man, thanks for the interview!

Brooksite at myspace.