Band’s name: Consequences

Location: New London, CT. USA
Active since: September 08'

How do you define your overall style?
Beatdown hardcore with a slightly darker sound.

What’s your goal with this band?
We aim to play as many shows as we can, have a much fun as possible and make music kids can dance and fight their asses off to.

What do you have recorded so far?
We're recorded a four track demo that can be heard out on our myspace. We have plans to head into the studio with Eric Arena over at Stadium Sound in Agawam, MA within the next couple months to crank out a solid official release EP. Depending on our funding situation we might do a few more tracks and just do a nine or ten track full length. Check our page for updates and shit about that.

What has the response been like to your music in Connecticut?
I'd say we get an awesome response. You can usually tell by how hard the kids are dancing. Not to say that we haven't played any dud shows but its usually a great response.

How is the scene over there? What is the most popular style of hardcore over there?
The scene in ct was dead for a while but all of us out here are working really hard to bring it back and its becoming a really close knit type of scene, where some shows are almost more like a party than a show, everyones your friends and its just a good time. the most popular style of hardcore? thats tough dude, because everyone's different, the best way to put it would be to say that everyone here fucking loves hardcore, whether it be tough guy, beatdown, straight hxc, or even other stuff like deathcore or grind, its all about the mentality and having fun. if the kids see you having fun playing your music they're more likely to have fun.

So your demo is out and everyone can check it out. What would you say to all the lazy bastards over there who have not done it yet? Why is it worth a listen?
We would just want people to listen to it and take it with a grain of salt, it is a demo after all. its our earlier stuff so its a little less refined and we've matured a lot with our writing now so its going to be pretty different from what you hear at a show or on recordings to come. its worth a listen if you're into really heavy stuff, wanna bang your fucking head or support the unsigned scene.

What's your pick for best hardcore release of 2009 so far?
We might call it a toss up between Relentless by For The Fallen Dreams, Deceiver by xThe Miles Betweenx and Constellations by August Burns Red but who knows what the rest of the year has to offer. i can tell you right now that we're fucking stoked on the new Evergreen Terrace album, Almost Home, and a few of us are straight hating on the new garbage Emmure shit out in august. some of us think musically it's not all that bad. felony could be an awesome album with different production and tones used on guitar.

Is there anything within hardcore scene that sickens you?
Kids who come to a scene from somewhere else and just hatemosh. it's one thing to dance and hatemosh when you're local but when you show up outta nowhere and disrespect a scene it's just uncalled for.

Who are some of the bands from Connecticut people should give a listen?
Spit Your Game, End All Suffering, Black Water Blessing, Jackie Steele, Walk Away, Letters From Kenny, Bella Lagosse

Whats playing on your stereo the most at the moment?
Will: Sleepwalkers by Dead Swans and The Peoples Fallacy by Betrayal.
Ryan: Depths by Oceano, The Peoples Fallacy by Betrayal, The Ills of Modern Man by Despised Icon
Dylan: Relentless by For The Fallen Dreams and Heavy Lies The Crown by Full Blown Chaos. Kevin: Portals by Arsonists Get All The Girls, and Deceiver by xThe Miles Betweenx.
Steve: Jazmynes Lullaby by 7 Angels 7 Plagues, and Decimate The Weak by Winds Of Plague

Since the emo pleague seems to be defeated and is slowly dying out, what do you think are the future dangers hardcore scene will have to face?
Bands like bring me the horizon, new bury your dead, and emmure just trying to make a quick a buck and alienating fans of real hardcore.

Thanx for taking your time. Any last shouts out before we end this ?
We'll just tell all you people to check out our demo, and again check out Spit Your Game, Jackie Steele, And All Was Silent and our boys in AOS (Archaic of Styles). Also thank all y'all at Old School Hate for givin a couple schmucks from ct the chance to talk about how it is. peace!

Consequences at Myspace