Few links every hardcore kid should check out

Folks from Seventh Dagger records launched their own blog where you can find some interesting stuff like interviews with Blackout Rage, xUnbreakablex and more... - seventhdagger.blogspot.com

Punk Gang History at Greaserama - Part 1 | Part 2

Straight Edge is no sex, no drugs, just rock and roll - an article on Straight Edge in Metro magazine - Metro.co.uk

Crank Call Fanzine #1 posted at xStuck In The Pastx blog - xstuckinthepastx.blogspot.com

Oi! – The Truth by Garry Bushell - www.garry-bushell.co.uk

Punk Rock Fight Club: Inside the bloody brotherhood of FSU, where violence rules and wearing the wrong T-shirt just might get you killed - Rolling Stone

Racist Rock: Do the right thing [they got it really twisted with Breakdown and Hard Skin] - www.sandiegoreader.com