Providence - Far Beyond Our Depth

The raw energy and brutal heaviness of the Providence' debut full length made it pretty easy for me to get into them. If you’re feeling beatdown hardcore is getting too generic and predictable, I suggest you give those French moshers a try.

I didn’t pay much attention to their demo recordings but I’ve heard a lot of people telling me good things about them so when I popped the Far Beyond Our Depth CD in, my expectations were high. The album opens with Introblivion, a short and forceful blast of meaty guitar work, pounding drums and double bass action soon joined by insane vocals. When the galloping riffs and drums make way for a neck breaking groove part, you know this shit is for real. Providence is ferocious and brutal as any good beatdown hardcore band should sound, but it has the right groove which puts them ahead of the curve for a lot of bands that follow the same path. It’s laced with that raw hardcore with lashings of heavy breakdowns as well as some slick fast parts for circle pit action. The compositions are quite busy and the music is more detailed and richer than the average. The album is well produced with the guitar, bass and drums all blending flawlessly.

Let me also take a time to appreciate the artwork. The illustrations are done by Brice Besson and are one of the best work I’ve witnessed in hardcore recently. Totally out of the box but staying in line with the title of the album.

There are no fillers on this CD the whole package is tight from the music to the production to the artwork. If you are into this heavy heavy stuff, it is a must.

Author: Dloogi

Label: Rucktion
Year: 2009
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