xLost In Hatex

xLost In Hatex is a straight edge band from Brazil formed in 2007. They just got the Disciplina E Honra Ep out and you should give it a try if you dig bands like Earth Crisis, Obituary, Biohazard and Confronto. The band is working hard to get their name out in international hardcore community and they definitely deserve some more attention.

First of all, how was 2k9 for xLost In Hatex so far? You guys have released a new Ep so I guess there’s no reason to complain?
Wellington: This year was spectacular; we already started launching our EP in January, that's amazing for us. Recording in our city is a very hard work. And we did our t-shirts merch with our own money, this is other big step for us.

Your new Ep “Disciplina e Honra” just came out. What people should expect from this stuff?
Wellington: An album which was done with much respect and dedication, true and real lyrics, this album comes from the streets to the streets.

You guys had the chance to test the new songs live. How was the response so far?
Wellington: The shows are a time of great tension, now after lunching our EP, we play our songs and people sing with us, moshing and representing what hardcore is about. It is very rewarding

Lyrically what kind of themes do you explore in your music?
Wellington: The pride of the path we have chosen to follow and we try to show the distraction that drugs cause to our generation. And in our country we have other big problems as poverty of population associated with alcohol and drugs. We hope kids listening to our songs will stop and think about it.

What bands have been biggest influences on your music and lyrics?
Wellington: Out there is basically xMaroonx, Heaven Shall Burn, Have Heart and here in Brazil we have great bands like Confronto, Condolência and Point Of No Return.

So what it is about straight edge that makes it a lifestyle for you? What was the main reason why you said no to drugs and alcohol and smokes?
Wellington: Yes, SxE is a lifestyle for us, I think the mains reason for all of us was the idea "I can’t only want the change, we have to be it" make the difference, we don’t want to be one more person on the streets with life destroyed by drugs and alcohol.

What would you say about the Brazilian hardcore scene nowadays? It seems to be very metal influenced with a lot of kids following the SxE lifestyle. Would you agree with that?
Wellington: Not much, the Brazilian hardcore still keeps fairly traditional compared to the North American scene for example, but there is the influence of metal bands like Obituary, Slyer and others. But hardcore still on the streets and still have people working for the scene! Here hardcore is not music, it’s a lifestyle.

Any good, upcoming Brazilian bands everybody should check out?
Wellington: Confronto and Fim do Silêncio. You need to hear it!

Big business and hardcore? As a band that chooses to release their first recordings DIY, do you feel hardcore scene can benefit from big labels and media hype?
Wellington: I'll be quite honest, I think bands should benefit from all it can, I do not see problems in a hardcore band joining a major label if you’re still consistent and true to yourself and your fans.

What are your plans for the future with this band?
Wellington: Next month we will be entering the studio and recording another EP, as yet we’re unable to record a full CD. We want to get a record label, and some support outside of Brazil, and if possible play gigs in other countries, it is our dream!

Thanks for the interview, anything you would like to add?
Wellington: I would like very much to thank the opportunity that the -Old School Hate- gave to us, thank you reader who was willing to know us!

xLost In Hatex at Myspace.