After the Wall Tumbled and other stories...

So the Berlin Wall has crumbled down and communism was almost defeated, but no way does it mean that the world's problems are over. Here's the selection of articles that caught my eye recenty:

After the Wall Tumbled - In 1989, Central Europe's fate was supposed to be uncertain and bleak. Today the region prospers more than ever -

The Lessons of 1989The fall of the Berlin Wall is a reminder of the duty of solidarity. -

Sex, Drugs and Alcohol Among World's Big Killers, WHO Says - Foxnews

More Kids = More Happiness? -

How Superman Defeated The Ku Klux Klan -

Wife Tries to Kill Husband Over Muslim Principles, Cops Say - Foxnews

China rescues kidnapped children - BBC

Sudan: End Rights Abuses, Repression - Human Rights Watch

Russia: Stop Collective Punishment in Chechnya - Human Rights Watch

An Uncivil Approach to Civil Society: Continuing State Curbs on Independent NGOs and Activists in Russia - Human Rights Watch

Downturn is 'climate opportunity' - BBC