Everyday Dollars - Before The Supply

Compared to a lot of stuff that is being released nowadays, Everyday Dollars opts for a more punk-edged sound with a hint of oi! now and then. The songs possess the right amount of melody, aggression and intensity. Cuts like Supply And Demand, Nothing To Happen or Now It’s Time is the essence of how hardcore should be played.
Lyrically, the vocalist Rob does drop some great and honest verses. They’ve got a down-to-earth, real-person type feel to them everybody can relate to. Apart from the music itself, the lyrical content of this album is the main element that makes me think of Warzone when I’m listening to this. In fact, Everyday Dollars is not hiding the fact that this band was a huge influence on their music when they sampled Ray’s voice on Now It’s Time, making this track a definite highlight of the album. Somehow, both in music and lyrics, this album maintain a feel of hope or optimism and kind of set me in a positive mind frame.

I really fucking regret that I slept on this album for over a year. If you like straight and powerful hardcore with a melodic touch and a honest, real life message, don’t make a same mistake and grab it as soon as you can. I tried to find just anything to pick up here but failed miserably. This is the type of album that will make you mosh around your room like you were kid again. I can’t stop listening to this album, and it just keeps getting better with every spin.

Author: Dloogi

Label:Swell Creek/Superhero

Year: 2008