Spit My Rage

"For us, hardcore is a lifestyle. We feel inseparable tie with the scene and we love performing, so our goal is to use the sounds and texts to create fun and joy for our fans and ourselves."

Name: Spit My Rage

Location: Poland

How do you define your overall style?
Hardcore. There is no metal, punk or emo in our music. (hehe) We don’t determine our style as modern, new york, new scholl, oldschool, etc. Music we play is nothing but our various compositions that we join together making the final effect. We want it to be both vigorous and brutal. We also believe every fan of HC may find something interesting in what we managed to create.

What’s your goal with this band?
For us, hardcore is a lifestyle. We feel inseparable tie with the scene and we love performing, so our goal is to use the sounds and texts to create fun and joy for our fans and ourselves.

What do you have recorded so far?
We recorded our first demo „You Can’t Break Me" in spring 2009. You may found there 5 compositions which we placed in the Internet so that they were available for free. In fact, we’ve just finished recording the second project. It consists of 4 songs and it will hopefully see the light of the day on the beginning of 2010.

Can you introduce yourselves for our readers and let us know where you are from?
For now, there’ve been 4 of us in the group, but we’re still looking for someone to play the second guitar. Mariusz (Guitar) and Baggio (Drums) are from Belchatow. Emilian (Vocal) is also from Bełchatow, but he lives and works in Lodz, from where Krzysiek (Bass) is from.

How did you all meet and how long have you been a band?
Baggio, Mariusz and Emilian know each other for years, Krzysiek was met while looking for bass guitarist. We started playing in 2008.

You’ve been going through some line-up changes lately. Any luck with finding a new guitar player so far?
When looking for someone to play the second guitar, we don’t want to make a random choice, you know. We need a person who understands hardcore, both from music and text point of view. Even though we haven’t found an appropriate guitarist yet, we are hopeful.

Can you tell a bit about the lyrics and themes in your music?
We write about things directly connected to us and our environment. Besides, we also tend to bring up an issue of personal feelings that keep us company in difficult times. We try to illustrate what’s important for us and what values we follow.

How many shows have you played so far and which one was the best and the
Frankly speaking, we’ve been giving concerts for few moths only. But how intensive they always are! In fact, there’re always better and worst ones, and there were also few cancelled at the last moment. However, we don’t want to concentrate on what went wrong, but to do our best every next time we have an opportunity to perform. Fortunately, there’re a lot of concerts ahead us and we can’t wait the tour across Poland planned for December!

What’s the scene like out there in Poland at the moment? What are some other bands you would recommend?
You know, there are some worse moments here from time to time, but concerts are generally even better than they used to be. Only this year we were happy to attend performances given by artists like: Terror, Bane, No Turning Back, Bishop, True Colors, Bitter End, Death Before Dishonor, Trapped Under Ice, Reign Supreme, 50 Lions, Grave Maker. If someone had told me a year ago that these groups will visit Poland in 2009, I definitely wouldn’t have believed that. As far as Polish bands are concerned, I may recommend Schizma ,Self Respect and Stone Heart.

Do you have any other releases planned in the near future?
As I mentioned before, we’ve already prepared our second demo and we want to make use o it at the beginning of 2010. However, we still don’t know yet how exactly it is going to be used to. I mean, we have some plans, but it’s too early to talk about it.

Anything else you would like to add?
Thanks for being interested in what we do, as well as for the time you spent with us. We gonna keep our fingers crossed for you ..cause what you do is really good! See you on the concerts!

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