Jungle Juice vs. Afflictive Nature - Split Tape

There are many bands trying to bring back those days when anger was a big part of hardcore, but few ever nail it the way Jungle Juice does. Compared to their previous release they slowed things down and the music seem to be a lot darker this time.
The breakdowns parts are menacing and skillfully executed. That doesn’t mean the band got slow or weak or forgot what it’s all about. Songs are still driven by sheer aggression and they still got that straight forward to your face style made for kicking some serious ass in the pit. The band is on top form with their tight and aggressive delivery full of raw energy and catchy hooks. Tracks like Hole In The Wall or Riverside Blues are anthems.

In the second part of the album, it’s time for Afflictive Nature to pick up the slack. The first song I’ve heard from them had me hooked instantly. Just as Jungle Juice, they deliver some seriously pissed off tunes. I don’t know much about the band except they’re from Texas, got the demo posted for free download on their myspace profile and shared stage with likes of Folsom, Naysayer, Hoods and countless other. The pace is usually unrelenting but Afflictive Nature can cut a catchy tune here and there and never miss a chance to knock out good breakdown for your mosh needs. Each of the band’s tracks feels like they wanna jump out of your speakers and punch you in the eye. I can't even listen to it outside cause this shit makes me want to steal candy from the kids and other stupid shit. I like the fact that this anger comes naturally and it’s nothing forced like with many bands who make angry faces but their shit is just whack. That’s not the deal here. You can sense just how pissed off they were when writing these songs.

That two bands feel with an energy that you won't find easily in today’s scene. These songs are tied together by the concept of getting shit kicked out of you and it may sound weird, but I’m liking it! If you’re into fast and no bullshit hardcore you will be into this record.

PS. This is not actually the artwork of the split but I had to post something!

Author: Dloogi
Label:Thrash Mouth
Year: 2009

Jungle Juice at Myspace
Afflictive Nature at Myspace