Precinct 13

"Like i said man, this shit isn't over-thought out...we just playin the music we wanna hear...we laugh a lot and we hate a lot so that's how our music is. i guess for me the music is just straight up tough guy to dance fuckin hard to.."

"Like i said man, this shit isn't over-thought out...we just playin the music we wanna hear...we laugh a lot and we hate a lot so that's how our music is. i guess for me the music is just straight up tough guy to dance fuckin hard to.."
Can you introduce yourselves for our readers and let us know where you are from? How did everything start and how long have you been in existence?

What. We're PRECINCT THIRTEEN, from the North West of England. The band really got started as a good laugh in january this year and has remained as such since hahaha

You guys ain’t really wasting no time. After just few months of existence the demo came out and landed you a deal for a debut album. What keeps you on such a pace and how hard is it to keep that up?

Haha yeah i guess it's just we got genius in our bloodlines...I dunno man, the tunes just happened real easy y'know...then we sent the demo out to everyone and anyone that wanted a copy... then a few good heads said they liked how we do...gave it to a few more heads and Swell Creek just came in outta nowhere haha seriously tho Bader@Swell Creek is a real sound guy that genuinely wants to help out a new band...he's like all of us in P13, no one is playin this music to make paper y'know. it all for the love hahaha

Your debut album is coming out February 2010 on Swell Creek. When did you start writing it and how far are you with the overall process of putting it together?

We're writing for it now...11 songs down, gonna do 13 total (blatantly haha)...we're gonna demo the whole lot the end of november then record it for real throughout december. overall we're just tryin our best not to over-think the whole thing...just let shit happen and leave it like dat. U2 or Neurosis we ain''s gritty, tough Northern UK hardcore..expect nothin less than the freshest, hardest record to come out in a while.

What do you feel you’re bringing to the hardcore music with the upcoming album and what separates you from the next new band in the scene?

Like i said man, this shit isn't over-thought out...we just playin the music we wanna hear...we laugh a lot and we hate a lot so that's how our music is. i guess for me the music is just straight up tough guy to dance fuckin hard to...then me n miller say what we gotta say over the top. there seems to be a glut of melody based, fake metal bands with "hardcore" written on their myspace profiles...all you get wit us is straight up thug hardcore.

Your style runs from hardcore to hip-hop – was it an idea from the start to merge different musical styles?

Not a very conscious one...the vocals just came out like dat...i'm a guitar player really.. miller hits up bass n guitar...we both like hardcore and hiphop and we never sung in bands properly before...not that we doin that proper now like haha

So who are some of your favorite artists from both hardcore and hip hop scene?

There's a question man, how long you got???? off the dome, how's onelifecrew, blood for blood, knuckledust, shattered realm? vast aire, diabolic n vinny paz? that's what i'm spinnin regularly.

You guys have been getting a lot of help from various distros and labels. How did you get hooked up with likes of Goodlife, FWH and Vindictive Nature distro to help to spread the word around?

Yeah man, we got big thanks for the help off a lot of real safe people...the guys at Rucktion i've known for a long time as they put out my old band blades of unity's record...edward goodlife just messaged us after we added goodlife on myspace and said he was feelin the tunes an that went from there. edward is a nice guy and has put out some of my all time favourite hardcore records so it was humbling to have him like how we do enough to help us out. the others i just messaged over the net, asked dem to check us out when they got time... all those people you mentioned had some real sound things to say to us, and we are truly grateful for their support and efforts.

‘The gang swore a blood oath to destroy Precinct 13... and every kid in it!’ – so what makes this John Carpenter’s flick so significant to you that you named your band after it?

Haha it was actually the first name we had for my old band blades of unity, and i always liked the film a lot...again it was just a temporary thing at first for this band but it kinda stuck this time

What are some other movies you’re into? Maybe some more of this 80's cheese?

Of recent years i liked "the wrestler" a hella lot...aranofsky made one awesome movie there...todd solandz's "happiness" is one of my all time favourites...i like english-made movies like "wilderness", "dead mans shoes", "twin town"...i watched "red road" recently which is well worth checkin out...cheesy movies? yeah i fuckin love anythin from "the warriors" and "top gun" to "toolbox murders" and "last house on the left"....favourite all time movies gotta be outta "once were warriors" and its sequel "what becomes of the broken hearted", "chopper" and "requiem for a dream".

You guys seem to be real wrestling fans. Who’s the biggest and baddest mother fucker out there?


If you could get in the ring with anybody, who would it be?

We had a question along these lines in another interview and miller answered "uri geller"...sorry man, i can't better that...would love to beat that guy to death..haha..scoop out his eyes with a bent fuckin spoon hahaha

Could you tell me about what or who got you interested in hardcore scene? What did you grow up listening to?

The main person that got me into mad different hardcore bands was a guy that used to be known to a few uk kids as millitant mike. him and his wife were really the first people in the hardcore scene that really made an effort to be friendly and shit. real as fuck people. and now like fuckin 12 years later we still fucking well tight wit each other. mike was spinnin the darkest, most evil vegan straight edge records way before anyone else i knew.
i was real lucky growing up as my old man is a mad music head...always played me all sorts of different shit from as early as i can remember...always told me to judge music simply on whether it moved me or not...not what fucking genre box it fits into, or how much ink the lead singer has....guns n roses were definately my first big rock band...but at that time i was also being played don cherry, duke ellington, t bone walker, motown on. my dad deffo got a lot to answer for haha

What goals would you like to achieve with the band in the future? What's next for you before and after the CD hits the streets?

I be straight wit you man, we really wanna get over to an Euro festival or 2 next summer, so if anyone is readin this that can help hook us up please holla at we hopefully book a lot more uk shows in the meantime...especially once the record it out.

Thanks for taking time to do this. You want to leave any shout outs ?

Seriously mate thank you for this interview. its great that you liked how we do enough to wanna do this interview. hit us up on us for shows!!! word to family, good friends, weed and southern comfort. thanks man.