Trashed: The Webcomic

Here's Trashed, the online comic from Derf, widely known for his hilarious 'The City' and 'Punk Rock and Trailer Parks' strips. This one tales the semi-autobiographical story of working at one of the most shitty jobs you can imagine, garbageman. It's funny and damn true. The author itself got a punk rock background, being in the movement in the 70'. This is nothing new really, but if you're into comic books or punk rock or got shitty job yourself you might find this interesting.
Here's the official description of the series:
The original Eisner-nominated graphic novella, a hilarious, stomach-churning memoir of the unforgettable period 19-year-old Derf spent as a garbageman in his small Ohio hometown.

Follow Derf and his partner, Mike, as they struggle with exploding garbage bags, idiot co-workers, an oppressive boss, bizarre townfolk, the weather and pile after pile of reeking, maggot-covered garbage.

In TRASHED, Derf lovingly recounts the nauseating details of the shit job that sets the standard for all shit jobs. Climb aboard the clanking garbage truck named Cyclops for a ride you won't soon forget!