Wisdom In Chains - S/T

Prior to release of the brand new album from these guys, Swellcreek/Superhero records decided it was a good time to remind the kids how it all got started. So here it is, reissue of their very first self titled album.
This baby was originally released in 2003 on Gangstyle (now GRS) label. I guess most of kids are more familiar with band’s successful releases Die Young or Class War so I think the best way to describe this debut album is to say that it is basically among the same lines as the mentioned above. All the elements they mastered to perfection on their later albums are here. So if you haven’t heard about this band yet, which is pretty hard to believe, Wisdom In Chains plays old school hardcore with fast beats, punk rock flavor and a lot of singalongs. They get right to the heart of what makes a good hardcore with strong songs that bear the right amount of melody, speed and groove. With this band there's always a huge catchy chorus to wave your fist in the air and shout along to.

Comparing this album to their later ones it’s interesting to hear the natural progression of a band. Their ability to write better, more consistent and detailed song have grown with each release. Even if it’s not as varied as on their next albums, it’s still a pretty damn good listen and these songs haven’t really aged that much. They keep their compositions pretty versatile and dynamic all the way but without losing the aggressive edge.

Author: Dloogi

Label:Swell Creek/Superhero

Year: 2009