Blackout Rage - American Straight Edge

When it comes to straight up aggressive straight edge hardcore, you can always expect Seventh Dagger to drop some of the hardest in the game. Blackout Rage is no exception here and even this short EP proves that all the kids out there who are still hungry for raw yet no bullshit hardcore should pay attention.

The band is dead serious and constantly aims to step up their game. Every note is played with maximum strength and every vocal line is spat out with extraordinary aggression. The singer Pauly Edge is touching on a subject of resistance to the corruption and depravity of the modern world, while the rest of the band serves a slick yet rugged soundtrack to his message, well infested with drums that hit hard, and riffs that snap necks. Fitting in between the crushing heaviness of Merauder, and the mosh madness that Throwdown once were famous for, band’s music carries one hell of a punch. They didn’t name the band like that for no reason.

I like the fact that Blackout Rage is not afraid of having an opinion and are open with their beliefs no matter what some scene kids gonna think about it. In an era where it’s common to find bands selling out their integrity or softening their message just to get a record deal or just play shows, Blackout Rage delivers this skinny-jeaned brat that hardcore has become a much needed a kick in the bollocks. In conclusion, along with a heap of killer releases coming out recently from Seventh Dagger, Blackout Rage is most definitely at the top.

Author: Dloogi

Label:Seventh Dagger
Year: 2009