Far From Passive

Here's the interview with Limburg based Far From Passive. The bad news is that before I managed to post this stuff online, the band decided to call it quits. It sucks cause it's not only me thinking they got potential and I'm pretty sure that if they only made it to record a debut full length album, that would be a bomb!

Name: Far From Passive

Location: Roermond (province of Limburg) The Netherlands

Active since: 2006

How do you define your overall style?

You know I am really getting sick of bands trying to be that one and only special band, playing something heavy but unique. All of this is a hype. All of these bands want to claim their own kindda genre.. pfff. We just play whatever we like to play rather its metal orientated hardcore or punk orientated. But I have to admit, we love to throw in a really slow and heavy beatdown. We know this is clich√© thing to do, but guess what? We don’t care 

What’s your goal with this band?

Our goal is to play as much as possible, everywhere we can. We want to write heavy music which we like to play and hopefully the crowd will like as well. Most important goal is to have fun and to share this feeling with everyone who’s involved in hardcore music worldwide

What do you have recorded so far?

We have got a 2006 demo which contains 2 songs we recorded at our rehearsal. This demo is recorded with a mp3 player with a recording function, haha. So don’t expect to much of the sound quality. The songs on this demo are also very weak. We recorded this after 2 or 3 rehearsals. We were all inexperienced at that time but we really wanted to go for it, so we recorded our first 2 songs, that’s it.
In 2007 we recorded a 4 song demo, this time recorded with a laptop so the sound is a bit better. The songs on this demo are better and more brutal as well, we recorded this demo with our current formation which we just founded a few weeks before the 2007 demo got recorded.
In 2008 we finally recorded a decent release, still a demo but the sound quality and the artwork of this demo was far more satisfying than previous releases. We were really proud when we released this demo.
We faced some issues regarding to mixing and mastering this demo because of some technical problems with the equipment. We didn’t expect this to happen. We promoted our demo when we started recording and in the end people had to wait a fucking long time before it was actually released. So some people got grumpy and starting laughing about us. But we didn’t care… we released it, sold it, got feedback, exposure in several countries. So in the end it all turned out for the best for us. Our 2008 demo is still for sale we have a few more left so give us a sign if you want one!!

So how did the band happened? What was the reason to start it?

The main reason was just to kill some time and hang out with some friends. Besides that we went out to go to shows pretty often and perhaps that was the spark that ignited our flame. From that day on we really felt a passion for this music and the scene. So we kept on going and going.

Could you describe your sound for people that may be unfamiliar?

We play hardcore music, in a way we like most. Sometimes you’ll get a catchy oldschool parts with rapping vocals. And in the blink of an eye you are kicking the shit out of everyone during one of our brutal violent breakdowns. Our bass player basically grew up with listening and playing the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller etc. So a funky & jazzy touch is added to our songs as well. I think that sometimes really gives an interesting touch to the hardcore we play. Because in the end… we try to play brutal and aggressive hardcore.

It seems you guys are about to drop new music some time soon. Tell us more about that release, what can we expect to hear on there? Any details about the label, release date etc?

Well to be honest there are no official plans yet, but we did start writing some new material. In a few weeks or months, nobody knows we might collect these new songs and record them. But we don’t know when and where to record them yet, and we don’t know if we are going to release it through a label… but the new songs that we are writing are fucking sick, we really gained some new energy by writing songs like these… it has been a while since we’ve felt this way about new songs.
We are trying to write more heavier and even more serious songs. So keep your eyes open for the new shit!

What’s the scene like in Limburg at the moment?

I think its dying or dead already. Sure there are shows every now and then and yes people show up at shows and have fun. But I think people are spoiled and lazy, they don’t show up that often anymore and if they do they complain about the bands that are playing and start crying that their favorite band isn’t playing or that they forgot to do their hair for the show.. what happened to the times where nobody cared about anything, got out and had fun? Seems like that time has died a long time ago. At least that’s the way how I experience the situation. Compared to the 90´s or a few years ago the situation nowadays is bad. But no matter what we will keep on going and do what we love most. Hxc.

Tell me about that; the FFP’s performance element. What people should expect when going to one of your shows?

Expect chaos, people moshing like angry monkeys, you’re ears being pulled of your head by our devastating tunes and smiles on everybody’s faces. When I am on stage I get really pissed off, not about some person or anything in general. But the music just makes my blood run through my veins faster and I try to give the crowd a taste of what I feel at that moment. When people go crazy at our show they prove to us that they share the same feeling. That is such a reward for all our effort.

How did it feel to share a stage with big bands like Madball, Sworn Enemy or Backfire?

That was a dream come true, it was unbelievable to realize that we were support for these huge bands. Being part of something that your idols also do, getting to hang out with them a bit and just see your name on the poster next to theirs… man that feels good.

What’s the craziest thing people ever done in the moshpit during one of your shows?

Not moshing at all, haha no….. uhm we once witnessed some guys acting like WWF wrestlers. They jumped each other and got crazy. That really was fun to watch and pretty crazy.

If you could change one thing in hardcore, what would that be?

nothing at all, things are how they are. I know I can’t change hardcore on my own. We need everyone to change it… until that day comes ill worry about changing what’s good for my friends, family and myself. Deep inside I hope for something to happen with the scene, people need to open their eyes and stop arguing and fighting with each other about no fucking shit at all, that really pisses me of. They should go to shows, hang out together and have fun… that’s what’s hardcore is about!!

Thanks for the interview. Anything you would like to add?

Thanks for the support, answering your questions means a lot to us. It gives us a opportunity to be heard out there… thanks! Check out www.myspace.com/farfrompassive for upcoming shows, and everything else you want to know about us. Write us on myspace rather its fan mail or hate-mail… any feedback is appreciated, thnx!!