Hardboiled Press Review

Here are some random news and stories that caught my eye recently:

'Amazon deforestation 'record low' - bbc.co.uk

Activist 'beaten' after BBC story - bbc.co.uk

Crime rings boost ivory smuggling - bbc.co.uk

This Is Going to Hurt Me More Than It Hurts You - themorningnews.org

'I agreed to become a suicide bomber' - bbc.co.uk

Jewish Mother Russia - slate.com

Rich should help Amazon forests, summit says - bbc.co.uk

Is Anti-Semitism Good for the Jews? - thelmagazine.com

“The Card Game”–New Doc Investigates History of Credit Card Industry and Proposals for Reform - democracy.now

Google spyware will help vigilantes save rainforests - timesonline.co.uk

Gang lured victims to grisly death 'for trade in human fat' - timesonline.co.uk

Somali woman stoned for adultery - bbc.co.uk

Poor women 'bear climate burden' - bbc.co.uk

Obama's Muslim Problem - slate.com

Terrorists smuggle fatwas out of secure prisons - timesonlice.co.uk