Knock'Em Dead new album "Endless Struggle" set for February 2nd release

Miami’s KNOCK ‘EM DEAD are set to release their long awaited debut album “Endless Struggle” on February 2nd through Eulogy Recordings. The album was produced by Will Putney at the Machine Shop. They recently shot a music video for the song “Killing Hope” off the new album by Brad Gregory which is currently in the editing process.

The first installment of 3 video studio blogs has just been posted on their newly revised Myspace page. A new song “Endless Struggle” has also been posted on their new Myspace page. They’ll be hitting the road with label mates THICK AS BLOOD late December. Starting late January they’ll be taking part of the “EULOGY TOUR 2010″ with label mates DONNYBROOK!, RHINOCEROS and on select dates LIVING HELL, xTYRANTx, SHATTERED REALM and FURIOUS STYLES. Pre-order deals are currently available here.

KNOCK ‘EM DEAD started early 2005, with drive and passion. We wanted to bring true life back into the heavy music scene. Hamlet and Vladimir joined forces with Gus, Aric and Matt to write a heavy an fast album with a inspirational lyrics. This music is in your face and it’s meant to wake you up and get your life back on track. Also to know there’s pain in this world.
“Endless Struggle” is KNOCK ‘EM DEAD’s long awaited debut album. The album is complete from top to bottom, from the lyrics to the music. We wanted to write something original but keep the Miami flavor. We were really inspired by Sepultura, Slayer, All Out War, 100 Demons, Napalm Death and last but not least Rage Against The Machine. To some people the lyrics will hit right at home, to others the fast and heavy music is something they can relate too. The album is called “ENDLESS STRUGGLE” because we believe will never stop struggling