Rhinoceros new album "They Are Coming For Me" to drop in February

Buffalo straight edge juggernauts RHINOCEROS are ready to break out with their Eulogy Recordings debut “They Are Coming For Me” on February 2nd. A new song “Righteous Man” has also been posted on their new Myspace page. Starting late January they’ll be taking part of the “EULOGY TOUR 2010″ with label mates DONNYBROOK!, KNOCK ‘EM DEAD and on select dates LIVING HELL, xTYRANTx, SHATTERED REALM and FURIOUS STYLES. Pre-order deals are currently available HERE.

RHINOCEROS are a Buffalo, NY straight edge band formed in May of 2006 from the ashes of local Buffalo hardcore favorites Infamous and xToThisDayx. They began touring and recording every chance they had for the next 3 years and the results were “Honor Among Thieves” (album), Buffalo (EP) and a split with friends Suicide Pact from Cincinnati, OH. They have crossed the US and back numerous times as well as making trips into Mexico and overseas to Europe and the UK.
2010 will no doubt be the year of the RHINOCEROS with their Eulogy Recordings debut “THEY ARE COMING FOR ME” set to be released in early February. It is a release that will surely open peoples eyes to this band. 12 songs that are heavy, fast and in your face. Each song has the potential to become a dance floor favorite. The album was produced by Jay Zubricky from Buffalo, NY with help from Andy Williams (Every Time I Die). Be on the lookout because RHINOCEROS plan on touring non stop through 2010 beginning with the much anticipated North American “EULOGY TOUR 2010″ in late January to late February 2010.