Soul Train

Soul Train is an awesome new band from Massachusetts with some solid groove and rap vibes going on. They've already recorded a demo which you can download somewhere on this site.

Name: Soul Train

Location: Massachusetts

Active since: '09 Baby!

How do you define your overall style?

I would say it's straight forward hardcore, we don't have any bullshit "BR00TAL" breakdowns and we are very DIY. We like to keep a good tempo and just stay on point.

What’s your goal with this band?

As far as goals go we just really want to get our music out there. We already plan on a small week tour in Febuary and a full tour in the summer with the release of our full length. We are slowly establishing connections from state to state.

What do you have recorded so far?

We have our 5 song demo, that was recorded by our buddy Sean Wimer, and we are currently in the process of a full length.

Could you please give us some basic info about the band – Who ? where ? when ? and why?

Soul Train is a four-piece as of right now. Trey on vocals Dremus on Guitar Keith on Bass and me(Jon) on drums.

What do you feel was your biggest accomplishment so far was?

I would have to say our biggest accomplishment yet is the number of shows we are getting booked. We really are tired of this area and have been getting shows elsewhere which is awesome because we love to branch out to a new crowd.

You just dropped your demo so tell the readers what they should expect from it?

Expect a lot, I feel the demo is different from most bands from around the area. It's free for download on our myspace page so be sure to grab it and check it out for yourselves. 5 jams in less then 10 min is how I like to sum it all up.

Who are some of the bands you've been compared to or you feel have had been influenced by?

Some kid dropped a comment on the page saying we reminded him of Trash Talk which is cool. I personally can't say we really have an influence, we are just trying something new and so far we've had a lot of support in what we're doing.

Tell me something about the hardcore scene in Massachusetts? Any good bands over there to check out?

Massachusetts doesn't have that great of a scene, there are so many good bands and venues that don't get half of the attention they deserve and go unnoticed every weekend. As of right now we are branching out into new areas of MA and seeing what they have to offer. Some good bands to check out are Maker ( they are cool dudes. Also be sure to check out Revenge ( a bunch of heathens who bring down the house every show.

How supportive are kids in your area to the bands like yours?

Support comes and it goes in an area like this, we have alot of support from kids all over and we really love it. The more support we get the better it's a good feeling to know others love what you love doing.

So what’s about the beef you’ve got with the Emmure?

There is no beef, what people don't understand about that song is that it was freestyled, Sean pressed Record and me and Dremus jammed that out. It just shows how easy it is to be in a "BROOTAL" band these days. Most of it is generic and outplayed yet kids eat it up, which is garbage.

It seems like hip hop music have a big effect on you. Who are some of the artists from this scene you’re into?

Myself personally my biggest influences are good drummers, one of the first drummers who ever made me really want to drum fast and on point was Jeff from Bad Days. He's an awesome dude who rules at drumming. As far as Hip-Hop goes I like a lot of old school shit like Raekwon, and Big Pun. I'm also into a lot of horrorcore like Jedi Mind Tricks and Necro, I love rap where the artist has a solid flow.
I can't stand the shit that's on the radio where dudes are talking about taking girls to a candy shop and shit. That's fucking whack.

Have you ever played a show with a straight up rap act? Do you think it’s possible in the future?

Never played a show with a straight up rap act, but for the full length I do plan on doing 2-3 whole rap songs that I wrote a while back, hopefully people will be into them if not 'fuck em.

Is there anything you would do different if you could go back through your ‘career’ as a hardcore band?

I wouldn't do much differnt, I'm a real DIY type of guy, I've always just kept it real doing as much as I could for every band I've been in. I've always supported my friends and always backed those who have backed me and my bands and friends.

The year is coming to an end so how has 2009 been for you so far? And who are some of the bands, records, events in hardcore that we will remember this year by?

2009 has been an amazing year for us, we have some good shows coming up and some new places to travel to. some bands that I know I'll remember this year by (despite their genre) are Lions Lions, they have real good music and are all cool dudes. The Kidcrash Trey introduced me to them and I honestly love them. Darasuum, I will always back Gabe in anything he does he's one of the coolest dudes and if always keeping it real. We still have yet to kick it but he's always touring so I'm just waiting for him to come around again so we can grab some sushi. Revenge, love these dudes so much big shout out to them as well. We just can't wait to see what the new year brings.

Anything else you would like to add?

Be on the lookout for our full length this spring or summer. We are gonna put 2 tracks from it up on the page this winter. Merch will be availble in the future we have the money we just need to get it printed. Stay up to date and follow our blogger and twitter all the accounts are on our page. Keep up the support and keep it real!


Soul Train at Myspace