"Although every song I write lyrics for has its own story and background, you could pretty much boil them all down to one main "hook": a hatred for humanity. Love not your neighbor."

"Although every song I write lyrics for has its own story and background, you could pretty much boil them all down to one main "hook": a hatred for humanity. Love not your neighbor."

For the people who are reading this and have never heard of you let them know some basic info about the band, like how long have you been together and where you’re from.

Witchunt hails from Tupelo, Mississippi. We started back in January 08 as 4 high school friends playing music, making art, and just having fun with it. Since then, we've had our fair share of member changes and other speed bumps, but I refuse to let this band die. It's not its time...never will be.

It seems like there are two sides to the band – one is hardcore, the other one is more noise and experimental oriented. Where did it come from and is it hard to tie these types of music together?

Well, most of the time, I despise genres and having to label music, especially my own. On the other hand, I'll often argue up and down with people and say "No, you're wrong. This band is this genre, not this other genre." I definitely get pissed when someone says "Dude, Disturbed and Theory of a Deadman are my favorite hardcore bands" or some shit like that. But yeah, I don't really like to give us a label or say we're a certain kind of band. That's why I don't put us under a specific genre on MySpace. In regards to your comment on tying types of music together, I do love noise and experimentation. It's great to always put a little more into your band's sound than people expect because it shows that you're not out to be every other band. You're putting all your inspiration and imagination way past artists that you may like and want to sound like. It's not hard to tie these types of music together at all. Every type of music can easily be strung together if done the right ways. I couldn't be in a strict single-genre band or anything. I have to branch out and pull something from every angle, every view, and every sound (or genre, if you will) into it. It's all about art and creativity for me.

Your Myspace profile doesn’t offer much information about the band. Was it idea from the start to keep the band in the fog of secrecy so the kids focus more on the music than on the band itself?

Yes and no. I mean, it's not like we're trying to keep anything from anyone. There's just nothing that's important about us I guess. I don't know. I prefer being dark and creepy, and keeping information from peers is just another way to maintain that vibe.

So what do you want people to know about Witchunt and your music or message that they may not know?

We make what we want, and we care about what we do. Although every song I write lyrics for has its own story and background, you could pretty much boil them all down to one main "hook": a hatred for humanity. Love not your neighbor.

Speaking about your myspace profile, it just says: “A War is coming. Hunt be the Metamorphosis.” What is the explanation behind it?

We used to be called Head Crime, but after a while it pretty much fell apart. No dedicated members, nothing. So we just called it quits. A couple months passed, and it just ate away at me that the band was no more. I couldn't handle it. This band was the only way to feed/passify my inner demons. I decided to revive the band, which of course called for a new band name: Witchunt.

As of right now, we're looking for a solid line-up again. (That knot should be tied soon though.) The name Witchunt is just kind of a transformation, not an official name. There's a slight story behind the names: It started as a crime (Head Crime), then a hunt (Witchunt); but now, a war is coming...a Holy War.

What are some of the non musical things in the past year that have kept you inspired?

Art of every kind. I like reading mythology of every kind. My horrid imagination pretty much holds the gun of inspiration to my head. My insanity keeps my sane.

I don’t know if you’re gonna agree with me but I definitely sense Holy Terror inspirations in your music. Are you worried that Clevo-influenced hardcore is now becoming clich√©? There are a lot of bands that have Holy Terror-inspired songs these days.

Holy Terror is absolutely an inspiration, and it's sad to say, but it is kind of becoming cliche. However, I don't believe it's become too annoying yet. At least it's that sound that's getting recognized a little more instead of some stupid shit, you know? Besides, we're not a strict Clevo hardcore/Holy Terror band. It's just an ingredient. I could spend days trying to explain every single inspiration as far as bands and artists go.

Give us a little bit of an idea on what the people can expect to see in the near future? You’ve got some hard ass songs posted on your myspace profile – what’s happening with that? Is there any label interested in releasing it?

A: Future plans include the obvious upcoming name change, focus on getting set with a steady line-up, and working on tons of new shit. It's pretty safe to say that we'll have some kind of new recordings out in early 2010, and then we'll see what happens. Maybe even some touring is possible. I have a few surprises in store for us to be revealed over time. Don't expect the War to end.

Thanks for your time doing this. Is there anything you want to say to the readers before we finish?

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Make war not love.

Witchunt at myspace.